Saturday, 15 April 2017

Nothing much really happen these days. I spend most of the times finishing my forever-mounting assignments and in between, de-stressing (if you know what I mean). 

So a few days ago, I found out that people in Carousell also sell preloved books ! I have contacted a few of them and sealed a deal with one today. We went to Queensbay to pick my books and Gosh she's nice. 
It's funny, how an introvert like me can chat FACE TO FACE with a stranger when it comes to books. Besides, we shared common interest in the genre :) 

Ended up having Chilli Pan Me there (again) and couldn't find our way out for a few hours. 
Bukan sesat jalan.
Tapi disesatkan oleh kedai-kedai duniawi.
MashaAllah, sister.
RM 6.90 for this portion. SO CHEAP kan ?!

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Bountiful Hikmahful Path

I was browsing my draft from my old blog post earlier this morning in my desperate attempt to retrieve my photos. Gosh. So many memories, so many stupid things. Haha.

I remember when I first started this blog (after a few other blogs were forgotten), it was after my PLKN and I was so bored at home. A few weeks later, I received my SPM result (which post I've hidden)

Rereading on how I had a severe fever during the big exam and having my parents to come and pick me up from the hostel, I remember how I used to lie on the bed for two days straight, not able to wake up, couldn't even call my parents. My roommates surely felt bad for me but they were in the battlefield themselves, yet I feel glad that they were the ones who called my parents. Since our last few papers were during school holiday, there was no warden at that time.

I remember Mak telling me, "It's okay, you have tried," because I was so frustrated I couldn't make her proud. Crying was the only thing I did. All I could think of was, "after all of the effort I put in studying and going to tuitions, I flushed them all during the D-day."

But Mak was the best, she just told me to pray and to always remember that

no matter how hard I tried, it is for Allah to decide. 

Forgive me Allah, for the times I thought that my plan is better than yours.

Seeing the old posts, Mak was right. There are sooo many things that I have learned from the unfortunate event, or should I call,,, a very hikmahful event. I didn't get the chance to further the study in my favourite field like most of my friends because of the glitch but I learned a lot more important lessons at my own pace here in Malaysia.

Mind you, I didn't even know how to do a lot of things before. But I discovered a lot of new fun things which I made into hobbies.

Unlike my sister, I didn't think I spent a lot of time with my parents before because I was in boarding school but I have more chances to see them now :) and I couldn't be more blessed.

The people that Allah have encountered me with, taught me a lot about facing life. All of the small and big things around me, somehow made me feel glad that Allah has specifically chosen this beautiful path for me.
One insignificant thing in my life had led me to more major things.
And I couldn't be more glad.

Looking forward to unlocking more delightful obscurities :)
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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sneaky Apps

One of the characteristics for May babies are said to be ; impulsive shopper. However, I beg to differ. I don't think only May babies deserve to hold the title because everyone I know (okay maybe not everyone) likes shopping. And these days, with countless apps on your screen, in front of your nose, has made it even more possible. I mean, come on ? Haven't we all find ourselves trapped in the endless pit of scrolling in the apps ?
Even my parents are one of those people.
In fact, I learned from them.

So last year, we received a few parcels at home and every time I asked them, their replies would be "Lazada" "Go shop" "Wow shop" . Okay , I know Go Shop.
BUT what on earth are those LAZADA and Wow Shop thing ?
So I tried looking it up. And boy oh boy. Am I still in regret.

It's like a Google website, only with endless lists of things that you can purchase. A shopping mall in my phone. And, I seriously needn't that.

Only a few weeks ago, I introduced it to Nana and Mayra, so that I wouldn't be alone in this painful journey.

And yeah, that's the end of us. Completely doomed.

One of the things that made me wonder is that, how is everything so cheap?
For instance, the laptop casings. I had been eyeing them for a few months now. The normal price in the SlickCase website was RM 200 ++ excluding the shipping. The condition of my blue casing was so bad, I couldn't find a spot without scratches. And so I tried looking for one in Lazada and guess the price ?
RM 60 guys ! RM freaking 60 !  T_T

We had been ordering things a lot since then, that the delivery guy could  remember my phone number. When he can't reach my housemates' phones, he would call me instead, because he knows they live with me; the girl who constantly receive delivery every other day.

Once, he even came to send parcels in front of my class because I was not home. That's how close I am with the delivery guy. *blows nails

I have been trying very hard to take control of my life and then that's it.

Poofff ! 
Shopping apps are the end of my life. 
I fall at their heels.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The end of my era

I have a feeling that I'm approaching the end of my glorious prime days, guys. Like, seriously. I kept on forgetting things which I'm not even supposed to.

Last Friday, I stopped by at the 7 Eleven to withdraw some money.
Anyway, Mayra was at the counter and I quickly headed to the ATM.
Inserted the card.
Keyed in my PIN numbers,
Tapped on the amount,
The machine popped out my card.

I casually took the Bank Islam debit card and quickly headed to the counter , queueing behind Mayra. The cashier suddenly went , "Miss ! Your money !" with a surprised face as she pointed at the machine. A few 50 notes were sticking out of the gaping hole and I went all "Astaghfirullahalazim ! MashaAllah..." and more zikir I could think of.  hahahaha.

Seriously. What was I thinking.
Luckily, I was still there, inside the 7E. If not, the next person withdrawing money would have hit a jackpot.
Surprisingly, that was not the first time.
They usually have the loud beeping sound (trust me, I am used to that A LOT) but maybe the machine was broken or it didn't have any speaker attached to it.

But still,
No one. But Anis. Only Anis can do that.

Apart from the ATM incident,
yesterday, I lost my phone. Again. Have I been eating ants or what ? *jumps off a cliff

We frantically went here and there .... only to find it in a drawer of the lecturer's desk.
Earlier that day, we had a morphology presentation and we did use the desk to place our laptop. However, I couldn't recall on WHY did I ever put my phone INSIDE the drawer, instead of ON the table.


I guess, this is it. The end of my glory is approaching. I'm going to turn into a forgetful and old frail lady real soon.

On a brighter side, now we know that the supplements for the brain are not working.
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Monday, 20 March 2017

Stress eating

Stress eating. It's happening to me , guys. And it's serious. I could go from eating a bowl of rice at 9 , followed by some burgers and more snacking afterwards.
And at 11, I'll be hungry again -_-'

Sure, I had fun eating. But frankly speaking, do I ?

I have an assignment which needs to be handed in less than 24 hours and we have started doing it for days and we kept coming to a dead end. Hence, resulting to more eating. Can't think, eat. Sleepy, eat. Still hungry ? Guess what ? EAT SOME MORE !

Btw, today marks the 3rd day we have been ordering McDelivery for 3 days straight ! What a notable achievement haha

I know I complained a lot about my unhealthy lifestyle ... but what else can I complain about when this is the only thang that can drive me crayzay haha

Kbye. Nak gi sambung buat assignment !

p/s : Nana cries a lot because of this assignment, I hope I can recall this in the future and rub it onto her face hahahahha

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Indecisive on hobby

My dad is suddenly into cycling.

He is the only person I know which is into a lot of hobbies. Unlike my Mom, who is in a love-hate relationship with her sewing machine since forever, my dad frequently jumps from one hobby to another.

Last ten years, he's really into carving , he carved most of the decorations in our house.
Similar to this kind, but this is not his photo.
Took it form Google
Well, they're undeniably beautiful but he did not completely finish them -_-' . After a year or two, he got bored and just sent the rest of the woods to the shop and paid people to finish it.

Later, he's into camping, hiking and caving. Like, seriously into it, he even joined clubs and all. In fact, us girls also followed him sometimes if it's not so adventurous (like Gunung Jerai and other easy2 hills). I was probably 10 or 11 at that time. It was fun, since my other schoolmates didn't really do that at my age. So, when I went to school, I could brag bout it. Hahaha. Besides, the most 'camping feels' they got to experience was at PADANG SEKOLAH !
Poor kids.

Afterwards, he's really into photography, so he bought a quite expensive camera which he is still struggling to use ,,, even after 5 years. Was it 5 years ? Or has it been 10 ? I don't know anymore. And now, he just uses his phone to take photos .
"Excuse me, Abah. Where's that camera you said you gonna use forever ?" Hahaha

After that, he's into ... hmm I don't know anymore. I lost track already. So many things.

And this year, he's suddenly into cycling. Being him, that man must have a lot of new year resolutions to be completed . #midlifecrisis is hard

Despite of the forever-changing hobbies he has, I somehow can understand how it feels like. I mean , hobby doesn't have to be definite, does it ?
There's this one person I met from usrah , who still likes collecting stamps. People still do that ? Hats off, kudos, good job, tabik spring, whatever you deserve. I can never stick to one thing like that. Besides, where can you get stamps these days ?

Anyway, Abah is currently in Indonesia with my Mom for the weekends, and my uncle from KL came back to Kelantan yesterday. So Dad is coming home tonight and just now in the Family whatsapp ;

"Esok boleh cycle tak? " to my uncle .

And he's not even in the flight back to Malaysia yet ! Tak menyabar   -___-'

Poor Mak, all alone these days. If I call her in the evening, Abah is usually out with his friends, doing non other thing but cycling. And if I call him, "Call nanti. Abah nak keluar ni," Amboi . Kemain sekarang.

But one thing for sure, I feel like hobbies connect me with my parents.
My Mom's eyes would sparkle if I talk about those 'sewing things' and when we exchange ideas on what to do.
My Dad would get excited if we discuss about nature and paintings.
And the most important thing is, they would support me in everything I do :)

Thank you, you two, for always being there :)

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