Friday, 7 April 2017

Bountiful Hikmahful Path

I was browsing my draft from my old blog post earlier this morning in my desperate attempt to retrieve my photos. Gosh. So many memories, so many stupid things. Haha.

I remember when I first started this blog (after a few other blogs were forgotten), it was after my PLKN and I was so bored at home. A few weeks later, I received my SPM result (which post I've hidden)

Rereading on how I had a severe fever during the big exam and having my parents to come and pick me up from the hostel, I remember how I used to lie on the bed for two days straight, not able to wake up, couldn't even call my parents. My roommates surely felt bad for me but they were in the battlefield themselves, yet I feel glad that they were the ones who called my parents. Since our last few papers were during school holiday, there was no warden at that time.

I remember Mak telling me, "It's okay, you have tried," because I was so frustrated I couldn't make her proud. Crying was the only thing I did. All I could think of was, "after all of the effort I put in studying and going to tuitions, I flushed them all during the D-day."

But Mak was the best, she just told me to pray and to always remember that

no matter how hard I tried, it is for Allah to decide. 

Forgive me Allah, for the times I thought that my plan is better than yours.

Seeing the old posts, Mak was right. There are sooo many things that I have learned from the unfortunate event, or should I call,,, a very hikmahful event. I didn't get the chance to further the study in my favourite field like most of my friends because of the glitch but I learned a lot more important lessons at my own pace here in Malaysia.

Mind you, I didn't even know how to do a lot of things before. But I discovered a lot of new fun things which I made into hobbies.

Unlike my sister, I didn't think I spent a lot of time with my parents before because I was in boarding school but I have more chances to see them now :) and I couldn't be more blessed.

The people that Allah have encountered me with, taught me a lot about facing life. All of the small and big things around me, somehow made me feel glad that Allah has specifically chosen this beautiful path for me.
One insignificant thing in my life had led me to more major things.
And I couldn't be more glad.

Looking forward to unlocking more delightful obscurities :)
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