Wednesday, 1 November 2017

I'm currently sweating and panicking as I just realised that I forgot to include my conclusion in one of my assignments. And that workload contributed 20% in the particular subject.
Been trying to calm down, panicked even more.
I've never submitted unfinished work like that T_T and I put so much effort reading articles and journals to cite them in the essay.

That's it.
This is how my semester is doomed, isn't it ?
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Friday, 29 September 2017

So I made it to the final year!

Seems like only a few months ago when I created this blog after my SPM and now I'm in the final year of my degree. Was a curious kid back then; what kind of roommate will I get, what will I study and so on and so forth.
Five years later, here I am... with so many turns and changes in my life. It's a wonder on how very short period of time can change people so much.

Anyway, we (my classmates and I) thought that this semester would be the most free of all, with less subjects taken this year (we even took extra subjects for fun) but unfortunately, three weeks in, I feel like I can use some help from oxygen tank! Was seriously restless, even my sister and my housemate said, "Kenapa korang busy sangat?" because we rarely saw each other. Only last week, I went to see a lecturer to drop one of the subjects because the schedule was packed. On Mondays, we had class from 8am-10pm. AM to PM. Had to run during the break for prayers and didn't have the time to eat ! And that's only for Monday. Kept coming home during Maghrib hours and night was left for assignment time. Plus, most of our lecturers won't be available for a few weeks next month and I guess those extra classes and extra readings took the souls out of us.

Nonetheless, I woke up every day with excitement to go to those classes. Yes, tiring it might be but the fun of gaining new information overpowered the fatigue. Semantics had been VERY logical but the lecturer made it easy and God how she loves The Big Bang Theory and kept using examples from the series; I just loved it and understood better hahaha.

Learned more about phonology too but quite scared with the upcoming tests and quizzes. With phonology, you might think you answered correctly but be prepared to cry haha.

And my most favourite of all, Malaysian Literature. We studied literature across the globe for the past few years and only learn the literature of our own country in fourth year haha. I thought the class was going to be boring with so many History facts and figures involved but boy, was I wrong. Big time.  The lecturer revealed the truths behind the historical events which were not in the textbooks and I felt bad for my lack of conscience. Should have done more researches and readings on my own country before weighing the rights and the wrongs.
Plus, my tutor is Japanese. He's nice and his explanations on the literature in Malaysia were sooo on point. And he's a feminist too, even more than I am, I think. Haha. We were discussing a short story last week and he asked us to point out the gender discrimination issues from it. I noticed a few but it was not like it's a big deal. It was normal in the society. However, after he pointed out a few words used and the language described, I swear my ears were burning with anger (towards the character) haha. So yeah, can't wait to listen to his analysis in other oeuvres.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

Being short

All this while, growing up as a person with the height below 150 cm, I've always been looked down to, figuratively and literally. I was fine by it, really.
I'm used to people telling me, "Uh, you're short." Geez, thank you for the informative enlightenment 😍 I must've been blinded by the truth of a magical thing called mirror. Hahaha but seriously, I don't mind. At all. Pfftt why should height be a relevant issue anyway.

Plus, technology is growing rapidly, many inventions are launched to help the specials like us. People invented ladder for a reason, okay.
Also, we're living in a civilized world, people's rights are being heard and hence, no one is left behind...or in my case, under.

So yeah, I brushed off those negative jibber jabber and embraced my <150cm tall (nope. Not gonna give you pipol the exact figure) with pride and joy;

By sitting comfortably on the planes,
By curling like a caterpillar on the seat of the bus,
By winning hide and seek ALL THE TIME

In conclusion, the world I'm living in has never been better. I've always loved my height, until

The lightbulb in our room died.

Since we're only renting, I don't get to bring my special ladder there 😢 and the bulb just decided to burst 😭 while I'm still there. Can't it wait another year. I'm moving out in a few months anyway 😒

At first, I planned to ask Abah to go there and do it for me but now that he's in Mekah for his haji, I have to do it by myself instead.

I totally forgot about the bulb until everyone was talking about the upcoming sem and Mayra asked, "Anis, how's the bulb in your room?" and

Being short is no longer fun, guys

So, any of you wanna come over and get this done ? Anyone tall enough wanting to prove their worth ?

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

I was reading Nurul's blog earlier and it touched my heart on how much struggles she had to endure to control her urge to shop... *shout "Long lost sister!" on top of my lungs

I had been following her on Instagram (Nurulism) for a few years now and I like how she handled her kids. I mean, how does she make her lil kids to like Qur'an hafazan time so much? What sorcery did she use? I remember crying a lot when Mak made me sit for hafazan time 😂😂😂. Haih. I was so mengada back then. She also ensures that her kids would bring their healthy lunch bag every day ( okay this one is like my Mak until I had to leave for boarding school haha).
Well, in another words, I followed her because it amazes me on how she takes care of the adorable Medina, Idris, Yusuf and Kamila.

Anyway, I didn't know she had a blog until Ety pointed a post talking about how she knew her husband in a compilation of love letters. Hmm okayla. Comel la. Haha. Can read it here.
Afterwards, I read her other post and it made me happy knowing that she liked to keep her memories in a blog form too. Some people blog to provide informative insights and some people blog things like tips, recipes and hacks. I however, don't belong to those categories 😂.

 Just like her, blog is a memory to me. I thought it was impossible, with my inconsistencies and all...but seeing someone as inconsistent as I am, I think I'll do just fine haha.
Here's to looking forward to an adventurous future 🍻 and not putting a truckload of hope to this blog 😂
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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sem Break 2017

The day after we sent our parents to the airport, we quickly went home and packed for our little escape. At first, we planned to stay there for a month, YET after a week of going through challenges in which were far too challenging for me, we called it off. Nope. I am more concern about my personal hygiene more than my determination to stay for a month. Haha. Instantly went to the salon to wash and trim my hair, and had my whole body scrubbed twice! Never felt more relieved afterwards. This incident made me realize that I should bring EVERYTHING with me if I'm to stay for more than a week. Plus, we couldn't go out to buy things, so yeah, it added to my sadness (drama, I know).

Once we're home, both of our grandmothers insisted to constantly feed us because according to them, I look so skinny now (yeah Grandmas being Grandmas) and we're fed 4 times a day 😂 . Of course, didn't want to be rude, I had to eat a lot 🙃 Even with their constant nag to make us eat (trust me, I don't need any nagging to have me finish the meal but yeah, our grandmas are like that haha), I still find my tummy growling.

I mean, we had breakfast early in the morning and people said 'Have your breakfast and you will be okay for the rest of the day'. Liar.
Why do I feel the need to make brunch, then ? Hmph

Anyway, what are the activities that people usually do during their sem break? I used to go to courses and work but this time around, my parents wanted us to stay home for our own safety purpose. So yeah, I'm a lil bit bored 😌 although my days are usually filled with gardening, sewing, cleaning and baking, I'm still so greedy haha.

So, anyone wanna come over ? So that I'll have a legit reason to organize a party 😂

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Monday, 17 July 2017

The wonders of Ayat Seribu Dinar

When I was still using my old phone, I used  'Ayat Seribu Dinar' as my phone wallpaper. Kinda looked like this

Unfortunately, after the toilet incident and the phone went down the drain, I got a new one. I kept on forgetting to change my wallpaper on this other phone which I'm currently using, not really minding the thoughts of having to stare at the ombre pink screen.
In the beginning, I was all good as I would remember to recite the ayat a few times a day, that I wouldn't be needing a reminder but being the clumsy Anis as I always am, my days started to take a different turn; sometimes I would remember and sometimes I just didn't recite it.

Time passed by and a few weeks ago, I eventually had the realisation to change the wallpaper, "God please let me start my day by putting my faith and trust on you," and that was the least I could do to kick off my morning - Ayat Seribu Dinar, if I was too sleepy for Mathurat.

Not even 24 hours had passed that day, I suddenly received another proofreading job. I was in need of money as semester break means no scholarship money hahaha and I don't like asking for my parents' money. I pay the rent, the bills, the car gas and shop, all with my own money. Well, I'm not downgrading people that receive financial aids from their parents... it's just what I do to have a grasp of control over my life. I like being in charge hehe. 
Anyway, since the proofread offer was like a rezeki that came knocking on the door, I said yes although at that moment, my schedule was already packed. I had to finish a few other things before I can leave for my little trip with Ipah and thank God everything was settled right on time.

Still constantly reminded to recite those Seribu Dinar verses, a few days before our trip to Sabah, there were so many incidents that demanded us to alter our plans; the hotels couldn't be booked, had to cross off Sandakan from the itinerary and a few other things.
Turned out, Allah knows better. If it's not because of the little mishaps, we might have faced a bigger ones which could threaten our lives. There were so many 'if and only' there that I don't know how to explain without making this post lengthy haha.
The point is, Allah had drawn Ipah and I a way to get us out of the difficulties, even before we could have endured it. Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah for your mercy.
p/s : Stayed there for a week and we didn't spend anything more than RM500. How amazing is that ! Was so murah rezeki and met loads of helpful and kind people there :)

When I got home a week later, my parents told me that they're leaving for Haji in a week. I was like, "O... kay. Abah promised to teach me on how to do some woodworking... but if you have to go, o...kay," 😂😂😂 lol.
With my sem break 'bucket list' trashed into the bin, I told them that I'm gonna look for work and their reply was,
"No need lah. We'll give you some pocket money and just stay home." 
Yet another rezeki ! :) How can i say no.
With money issues out of the way, my worries on how to pay the house rent (in Penang) were suddenly lifted from my shoulders.

I mean, how cool is that. Within a few weeks, Allah had eased out my burdens in so many ways, I couldn't be more grateful. He kept his promises in those verses. If your understand the meanings behind the Ayat Seribu Dinar, put your trust to Allah, He will get you out of the difficulty and suffice you.

Blessings and rezeki can come in so many ways and I personally believe that there are so many things that we overlook in this world, belittling them as mere entities when the truth is, they are true blessings.

Some people see rezeki in a materialistic way and blessings in a way of not having to struggle in life yet how many of us wake up each day and thank Him for being able to inhale the oxygen and pump our heart, able to open our eyes and still clearly see the surroundings, and able to move our little fingers to brush our teeth in the morning ?
For me, 'little' things like these are already big enough and thanks to Allah, He had helped me in so many ways. Alhamdulillah 😊

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