Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New member of the house

I would like to announce that ...

I am now a Mother !
I am now officially nurturing... a pot of baby aloe vera !

So a few days ago, Nana came home with "Anis, LOOK !" , face plastered with ear-to-ear smile as she pointed at a pot of aloe vera on the table.

A week before, she had texted me that she's gonna bring the plant because she's going to need the gel to treat her skin. And I was like, "Aaa okay."
"But can you take care of it for me?"
" ....."
"I'll give you some of the gel."
"Aaa emm aaa okay."  Hahaha. So that's it. The story of how I became a Mom to Vera Wang. Yeah I decided to name it Vera Wang cause ye know... Aloe Vera, , ,Vera, Vera Wang.  *blows nails*

I am yet to know if I'm capable of taking care some MUTE plant . I mean, cats meow whenever they're hungry, right ? and humans would go "Anis, I lapar," if they're hungry , right ? Right ?

But with plants ?


I ... don't know. What if I forget to water it ?!

Anyway, I saw Nana literally screaming to the plant only this evening, "GROW FASTER ! AND LET ME HARVEST YOU ! GROW (and yadayadadada some inaudible ramble).." and the inner Mom-ness in me jut went

Everyone knows babies have their own pace at growing ! How. dare. you. push. my. Vera. 

You, missy. Ain't be gettin' any gel from my baby. Uh. Uh. No. 

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