Monday, 2 January 2017

My thoughts on Dangal

I have seen a lot of good reviews on my Facebook about this movie and yesterday, Kiki told us that she just watched it and it was good. 

So last night, we went out to watch this. 

Two seats left, just below the screen. Bought Shihlin, so we had no choice but to accept whatever was left for us. I didn't wanna eat my Shihlin outside the cinema. It would be disrespectful to it.

Basically, it's a movie about wrestlers. Based on true story but I'm not sure which part was depicted exactly like their lives and which part was not. Overall, it was good.  8/10 from me. 

The best thing about it was, it's not about the mushy lovey dovey kinda movie and it managed to touch our heart. I'm sure most of us can relate to this as it is narrated based on her father's dream. Every father wants the best from their child. 

Another important message being evoked is how important it is for woman to take charge and beat the stigma of the society. Being said this, Geeta and Babita learning how to wrestle was the turning point of this. They were objected by the society of course *rolling my eyes* but I like how this movie told the girls out there that they can be anything. Just anything. 
They're not entitled to get married and be in the kitchen and give birth only. They have more things to do, as much as the guys do. 

The rebels in nurturing two girls are normal and Amir Khan did a great job in depicting a love of an egoistic father. I learned that he has to gain weight just for this movie. Must be fun for him. Getting paid for gaining weight. How I envy him.

Their videography for the matches they had are awesome too ! In fact, I love those takes on how she smashed them boys.  

So yeah. That's what I thought about this movie. Would recommend you to watch it :)

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