Sunday, 1 January 2017

My New Year resolutions

Morning guys !

And happy new year !!!

Nothing new. 2017 and still stuck with these two buffoons. I tell you, there's no way out.
I gave up a long time ago.

Reflecting back on my last resolutions, didn't think I manage to blog as often as I promised. I mean, who was I kidding, right ? Fooled myself big time. Every single year.

So this year, I'm not gonna made myself a dum-dum with my silly promises yet again.
Blog more often ? Who has the time to do that these days ? Pffttt please.

And restrain-yourself-from-shopping ?

Oh gullible old Anis. Staaahhhppp. I am laughing so hard. You sweet summer child. You knew you can never do that. What a funny resolutions.

It's okay, dear.
It's new year, so let's start with a fresh beginning.

Okay. Let's see what do we have ...
Other than the same-old,same-old resolutions " keep my iman, increase the taqwa, spend more time with Quran, make my parents happy, say Alhamdulillah more often, respect my friends and others and... yadayadayada.." , I also added a new one this year.


It went pretty well this morning, I must say. Quite proud of myself. Woke up early, made nasi lemak. Have the determination to study.
It's going to be a good year.

"Avoid procrastination as procrastination is the thief of time," I chanted to myself a few times. Plus, we have a linguistic paper in a few days and I haven't started anything.
Really needed the encouragement to flame up the fire to study.

"Avoid procrastination as.." opened my laptop, still chanting.

"procrastination is the thief of time. Avoid.." still chanting, cursor clicking on Google Chrome. Typed in 'USM e-learn' and logged in into our portal to check any last updates from the lecturer before I started studying.

"Avoid procrastina..." Actually, why don't I open my Facebook for a while and check my emails. Opened a new tab.


11 AM in the morning and I have watched 3 movies.

You know what,
maybe I should postpone my resolution first. Add it for 2018. I should be able to do that by then.
Shouldn't I ?

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