Monday, 26 December 2016

You guys should watch it too

Last night I couldn't sleep and was constantly questioning my state of mind. I mean, after watching Stonehearst Asylum , I'm sure everyone feels the same way.
It was greatly done and I would rate it as 8/10.

Watched it with my other two girls with lights off and I seriously didn't have a clue about what the story was about.
We were wondering on what to watch and Mayra just popped out "Stonehearst Asylum best." and we're like, "Okay. We'll watch it tonight."

And so we did.
It was not horror.

But it was good.
Just my kinda genre.

Basically, the story is about an asylum and a Dr. went there for his kinda intern thing. I don't wanna spoil anything , so if you're planning to watch, don't even read the descriptions and the trailer. Just watch. I watched the trailer afterwards. So many spoilers.

Trust me and just watch it. Well, if you're in the same boat as my genre (thriller but not horror haha) , you will love this movie.  Byeee.

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