Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Swimming right was taken

These past few days during study week, I realized that I easily got tired. 

No joke, guys. 

Even climbing up a flight of stairs can make me run out of breath. You can see me telling the people in front of me, huffing and puffing with " Waaaiii..t." and followed by, "Tha..nk y...ou," as I gasp for more air after they open the door (connecting doors from parking to our lobby) for me. 

And, it's only a flight of stairs. 

I don't know why. 

Okay. We all know why. 

I'm no longer in shape ! 
My face is getting more round. And my tummy is not as cool as before. I don't want to go further but all I can say, I'm not fit like I used to be. I used to be able to do more than 10 minutes of jumping jacks and now, I don't even dream of getting out of the bed. 
If before, despite of me not liking the track, we still went to jog around the campus. All we do now is counting how many more bags of chips left and when should we go out to buy more. 
With us being us, I have to cook more portions of rice too. 


Dear Lord, what has gotten into us. 

So this evening, as we came back from our grocery shopping (again!) and discussed on how fat we have became, we decided to go for a swim.  
Also, when was the last time we went for an exercise ? Was it 3 months ago ? God. 

The pool looked quite empty with only a few Arab kids playing with each other, so it would be less embarrassing if I couldn't catch my breath after like ... 1 meter. Haha. 

Okay. Should be fine. 

And so we changed into the suit and went down, all giddy to get our skinny old-self back. 
Took the shower. Entered the pool and glided to the other side of the pool. And oh boy. Am.I.getting.heavier?

I pedalled so hard and I moved only like a few inches ! Unbelievable. I thought a mermaid would always be a mermaid. Now I know why King Arthur rarely swim here and there. Must be hard for him. 

And man oh man, my prediction was true. I had to literally stop in the middle of the pool and catch my breath (not the while-swimming one. But the I-am-tired-let-us-pause-for-a-five-seconds). 


Dear Lord, what has gotten into us.

Half an hour later, as these water bugs were doing some in-the-water exercises (gave up on trying to swim at this point) , the guard came to Nana and told her we should be wearing a complete suit. 
But ,,, we are. 

"With a cap."

"But I'm wearing my tudung."

"No. A cap."

Bruh. Are you for real ? 

We told him we're sorry and we won't do it again. He said okay and walked away. 

A few minutes later, another guard came and told us the same thing. But this time, he insisted that we have to go out. 



Not that I really wanted to swim anyway. Pffttt. Like swimming can burn any calories. 

But seriously, 
Dear Lord, what has gotten into them. 

We used to come here almost every other week last time. When did they change the rule. 
So that's it. I'm not gonna swim in a cap. Of course I have to wear tudung. 

Now, maybe we can try going to the gym in the common room. 

Or do we have to strip for the gym too ? 

Urgh. Seriously.

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