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Vietnamese Spring Rolls for the whole class !

So last year, we had a micro teaching class (well we have it almost every year haha but last year was more specific on lesson plan). I have been dying to upload our activities in my classes and found this one photo of our activity last year. If and only I am as determined as those people on Pinterest, I surely have a lot to share !

We focused on the topic 'How To Write a Process & Procedure Essay' last time... and what we did was, we actually brought the real ingredients to the class and taught them on how to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls live.

I don't wanna bore you with the hum drum part of how we conducted the lesson but here goes, our own recipe of the rolls and ah yes, I made our own signature sauce .

Ingredients for one roll ( frankly, you can just put the amount of the ingredients up to your liking. Sorry la. Saya melayu. Main agak je haha. Takda measurement) :

Vermicelli Noodles (hydrated/boiled until el dente)
Leaves Lettuce (1 or 2 leaves per rolls)
Mint ( no need to chop. Put a few leaves )
Sliced Carrots (1.5 tbspoon)
Chopped Coriander/Cilantro (2 teaspoons)
Chopped Basil (2 teaspoons)
Boiled Prawns (3 or 2 slices per rolls)
A few Rice Paper
1 or 2 dollops of Aioli (Can buy from the stores but we made our own. I will share below just in case) - aioli will act like a jam, so if you would like to have more savory taste in your rolls, you may put extra aioli :)

Aioli Recipe :
Click here
Into 2 tbspoon of mayonnaise , put these :  a garlic clove ( finely chopped), sprinkle some salt and grounded black pepper, and squeeze a lime juice and sprinkle some of the mint

Steps for Rolls:

  1. Boiled your prawns (with shells on) on the stove until its is cooked. Do not throw away the prawn water as we can use it later. 
  2. Slice the prawn into half , then you can peel of the shell and the dirt. 
  3. Wash your greens and start preparing a bowl of warm water. 
  4. With your warm water ready, dip the rice paper into it for 1 second and gently lay it on a flat surface. 
  5. In a row across the centre, put down your sliced prawns first, followed by lettuce and hydrated vermicelli noodles on top of the rice paper.  
  6. Spread a dollop of aioli, place the mint, carrot and cilantro.
  7. Fold the corners (the two sides) inwards and roll from the bottom over the ingredients. Make sure to be super gentle as you don't want to break the rice paper. 
  8. Repeat with the remaining ingredients. 
You may refer this video on how to roll your rice paper :

Well , some people like to have the rolls with the peanut butter sauce but I don't really like peanut butter haha so here's another way to make the sauce ...

Ingredients for dipping sauce :

1 cup of boiled prawn-water from before
3 teaspoons of fish sauce (my ultimate secret ingredient haha)
2 cloves of minced garlic
2 spoon of sugar
5 nicely chopped chilli
2 lime
Salt (accordingly)

Steps for sauce

  1. Reheat your prawn water on the stove and add the sugar. 
  2. Pour the garlic , chilli and the fish sauce. 
  3. Add sugar according to the taste. 
  4. You may want to add some finely chopped shallot but it is not obligated to. 
  5. Turn off the fire and squeeze your limes.
  6. There is no harm in modifying the sauce according to your taste :)

Okay I guess that's all for the time being. Will try my best to post more recipes but knowing my inability to write down specific amount of ingredients, I don't think I'll be able to do so quite often 😂😂😂 This is why you don't ask a Malay girl about recipe. We like to 'agak-agak je' haha

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