Saturday, 29 April 2017

Curry Tree

If you have learned from my Insta stories, you will know that in Penang, I have a few pet plants. Vera Wang, Aloe Vader, a few lemon-grasses, a baby chilli plant and ... a melodramatic baby curry tree. Or a very melodramatic curry tree.

The curry tree was given by Mayra's mom and since she is a very kind motherly lady, I tried my very best to keep the plant alive. I put it in the living room balcony, so that it can get a direct sunlight. However, it was very ungrateful and kicked my consideration out of the window. The plant decided to die. Like, literally die.

What happened was, I came home one evening to check on it just to discover that all of the leaves were gone.
What else do you want? I watered you, I put you under sunlight, at least let me harvest you first. *throws it from the balcony

With my heart broken like a shattered glass, I took it to the front balcony, hoping it would revive if I water it every day (only watered it once every 2 days before) and there would be more sunlight there too.
Maybe after hearing my constant whine on what a drama queen it had been, it came back to life after a few days.

But it only lasted as long as Mayra's determination to quit hoarding. It didn't last long. It died again afterwards. *throws myself from the balcony

To make it even worse, as I was recording an Insta story, announcing about it's second death, the last branch of hanging leaves suddenly flew all over the place, like a slap to my face.

HEY, what point are you trying to prove here ? By embarrassing me in front of my followers like that... HOW DARE.

Also, I'm so sorry, Mayra's mom. I tried my best. I hope we're still bff? No?
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