Sunday, 13 November 2016

Anis and Glasses

Again, I lost my glasses.

Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, with flashbacks of my facade from half an hour ago. It sat still on my nose bridge , the last time I can recall.
Maybe it will come back again to me tomorrow. If I sleep. Like it always does.
Or just like most times, maybe Nana and Mayra will come to me with, "Anis. Glasses." like they always do. Well, I hope they will. Cos I can't find my glasses when everything around me is all blurry like a low quality YouTube video.

Last week, while we're on the ride from classes, Mayra wondered how would it feel if we can take off our body parts and have to reassemble them like how we have to put on clothes and tudung before going out.

"If so, you will not only hear me asking 'have you seen my glasses' every morning but also, 'guys, where is my leg?' and 'any idea where i put my ear?'"

I thank Allah for He did not make us do that. Because, me going to classes without nose is possible. Hahaha.

I swear I put them at one particular place ; our dressing table. Still, they're not there whenever I need them the most. I have three pairs (2 in Penang, 1 back at home) but as you might have guessed , their mysterious disappearance is one enigma I can't simply solve. There're times when I lost all three and there're times when I lost only 1 or 2 of them, so I can find the missing one with the available one. But tonight, with everyone being asleep, no one can help me to find them. And here I am, lying on my bed, head spinning to moments and sequences of my routines. Where could they possibly be ?

Are they plotting something against me? Is there any unresolved revenge between us ?

God I wish no.

Or is there ?
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