Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Railway Children's theatre

While I have to direct and act in our class drama, I was also assigned to act in our school play -_- as if everything is not tiring enough. 
This time, we have to work with the second year and third year to present the Form 3 novel, Railway Children. Meh the script and storyline is easy peasy, just our meetings for practice were quite complicated as all of us aren't from the same year. In the end, we had to practice till past midnight or weekends. And not to mention this semester I have 3 subjects with 100% coursework and all of them are begging for my attention :'( gelabah tits iolls

Last week, after a few times practicing, it finally came to an end as we had our photo-shoot for the poster , and bammmm d-day quickly followed three days after. 

Syamim semangat and so gigih being a mermaid

okay here's a decent one just in case you need one

Penat Syamim menonggeng sini sana, last2 pakai gambar skema ni hahahahhaha

It was a private occasion attended by a few menteri and principals from schools all over Malaysia. Thank God it ended already ! phew

However ,,,, 

I just received a bad news from Syud our director, that Dr Lin wants us to perform a drama again next semester -_- 
so technically we're still on the endless journey

luckily this team is filled with funny people

These past few days had been crazy I barely get enough sleep. Yesterday, I was sick and oh also today for the program(I forgot the name literature something2),  I had to recite poem with the opposite character of the drama character -_-. Macam orang gila rushing tukar baju and make up.

After the program ended, my babies quickly dragged me for a short 'calm-your-tits-woman' moment to sip a large cup of green tea. 

Highly recommended for those yang tengah stress haha. Instantly feel sleepy after a few sips.  

Bb busy dok ber photo-shoot

Kepenatan nak layan bb dahla sat lagi malam , esok malam , lusa malam nak kena stay up tak henti dah. Kesian haikal bb dok main sensorang haha. Sorryyyyyy


ok bye assalamulaikum
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