Sunday, 8 March 2015

Henna day :)

Right after my maghrib prayer and all , I found myself switching on my laptop, typing 

"How to get rid of Indian henna"

in the Google engine search box , quickly hitting on 'Enter'.

Tons of suggestions came out in a split seconds

 and non of them are the tips to get rid  of henna but to fade them away... in a week. 
I mean , seriously?  T_T  
I just stared at the screen nervously before my eyes darted towards various types of henna drawings on my legs. Literally on my legs.

So Allia just bought this one tube of henna last night :)
The colour of the henna remain mysterious until this evening as the confused uncle/shopkeeper seemed not to understand our question last night.

"What colour is this one, anne ?" as Allia pointed out at one small blue tube with RM2 sticker on it.

"A'ah." he replied with mouth half opened  -________-


Ok thats not the point.

This evening, we decided to try the henna . Yaaay . Finally . Weeeeee. 

After Zuhr, I started painting Allia's fingers with the thick pitch black henna before she did mine. Nana came to play along later on and everybody has henna on their fingers ! :)
despite of the smudged colours, our fingers looked so emo-ish. haha

Not long after that, they both started drawing Sun on my left calf and seeing the pretty art, I requested for a butterfly ; 

"Allia, nak butterfly macam Ted dalam How I Met Your Mother."
"Okay. Say no more Anis."

and I got one, similar as this one. 

Well not as pretty as Ted's but well, close enough . . . to a butterfly.

I fall asleep as those two continued drawing on my legs, expressing their arts with the dark-brown-almost-black henna. Legs splayed , left leg for Nana and right leg for Allia ; did not realize the plots in their ceative brains.

Two hours later ....

 I woke up only to find one eye under my knee , a name , a sun and a male organ on my left calf while right calf was more lively with butterfly and sprinkles of dots as the background, a lollipop , a wave (?) and a Sushi King logo -_-

now again, how do I get rid of this dick on my leg ?

Google seriously has no solution this time around -____-

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  1. a dick on your leg HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love your friends 😂