Thursday, 22 January 2015

learning photoshop

As I write this, you will notice that I've changed my blog template. 

Watching movies for two days in a row somehow made myself tired and I started to have eye-bags and gloomy face. So I thought about doing something else.

And I decided to learn about Photoshop. 

After years of trying to actually learn it. 

Yeah I know that I always ordered people to teach me about photoshop and all. In fact, since the school years. But I put no effort to it because being lazy as I am, photo-editing is also not my forte. Haha. Just look how terrible my Instagram photos are. You don't have to look far for the proof. 
Besides, I'm seriously not good with technologies, gadgets and apps. 

Anyway, after putting enough thought in it, I rummaged through the YouTube search box, finding myself typing 'phototshop cs3 tutorial' as I held my breath .
Finally . I'm doing it. I always knew that I will learn photoshop sooner or later. It's just about finding the right mood, you know. 
So I opened one and waited for the buffer impatiently. 

The tutorial was seriously easy. Very easy. In fact, after watching it, I believed I can master the art of photoshop in no time. Yes, I have faith in this. Even I'm not one of those techno geek, this photoshop thing is just so easy. No wonder people in the world are doing this.

I downloaded a few photos and decided to make a new header for my blog. 

After an hour struggling with the photoshop, deleting this and that, re-doing the touch up and a little bit adjustments , I finally came out with this. 


I know right. Even the font is bizarre and something. I knew it. I am good at this, guys. So I tried editing another one and came out with even a prettier result. 

Duhhh. This is just a piece of cake. Not that I spent a long time at it. Just half an hour adjusting the fonts and another half trying to save it in the right folder. 

After a few minutes of admiring my art, I tried to edit another one and chose this photo.

Now, how am I going to cut the words ? Should I just crop it or what ? And what does this button lasso do? Why is it not working ? Oh maybe I should use the eraser. Well, maybe not. Hem , did I click on brush just now ? What's happening with the colour. 

Okay. That's it! Photoshop is so hard. 
I should just edit them with my phone instead.
I'm not doing this when there's so many buttons trying to confuse me

Well at least I can say I tried....

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