Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Ivory 2015-2018

Has it been two years since we first stepped into our house in Ivory? Time surely flies.

Since we will be moving out next year, we texted our landlord, reminding him that by the end of April, all four of his tenants will be out of the house.

He's currently working in China and we've only met him once, so he's not the kind of landlord which would visit you very often to check on the house. We did most things by ourselves ; contacted the plumbers, bought a new washing machine and many more housing things. Still, we liked it that way :)

After compromising that we don't have to sign any contract for the next Sept-April rent, he added "Send me the photos of the house. I want to start finding new tenants," and so we did.

His reply was
Even asking us to come back. Clingy much. Staahpp

Mind you, the house before we moved in was so bad. Previously, boys stayed there and God knows how many meters of dust they left for us. The furniture was all over the place and there's no curtains to cover the windows. Our poor landlord was not in Malaysia to clean the house and hence, the mess.

In fact, when the agent showed us the house, she was hesitant too. Intentionally, she wanted to take us to two houses and let us decide. She showed us the first one, expecting we would say no. hahahaha. But the rent was only RM1000 and normally, places with walking distance to university would be more than RM1400. The place was a total bargain.

We just said yes without going to the second house and thank God we didn't :) Our landlord now is very considerate and nice, well most probably because his tenants are ! hahaha. Anyway, I am going to miss our memories in this house. I wonder what kind of house will I live in once I start working. Which state? Will the landlord be as nice? What kind of housemates will I have? Are they clean? (please God let them be. At least, clean. Please) Are they nice? Are they good? All of these questions made me scared of the future sometimes but that's life.

We move on.

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