Sunday, 14 May 2017

May celebrations

It's finally May !

'May' can only mean two things :

1. Birthday of the awesome people :P
2. Submission month (plays the siren and sends heart attack to every group members)

Every year, these two could not be more annoying by coming on the same month *sigh.

Nana's birthday was actually last Thursday but we had class till evening, so we kinda postponed the celebration to last Saturday. For almost a week, both Mayra and I had been looking for something that all of us can enjoy and we came down to the agreement of ... FULL BODY MASSAGE. Muahaha.

The plan in my head was :

Kidnap Nana from the demanding and clingy office (our workspace in the house lol), and had her blindfolded. I was looking forward to her screaming when the masseuse starts touching her.

Too bad she figured it out sooner than we expected. Haha.

Frankly speaking, it was the best massage I've ever had (speaking on the  behalf my masseuse only as Nana and Mayra whined that theirs were not okay). When she started her session, rubbing my arm, she asked me if I like to take showers at nights... which was kinda true. Yeah, yeah. I know it's not alright, was constantly scolded by parents too but late night showers are soooo good, I wish the risks are worth it.

After a few minutes, she began to massage my shoulders and came the question,

"Nggak cukup tidur ya?"

"Ya iya dong. Kapan bisa tidur nya mbak? Lagi mikiran assignment aja terus dehhh," was what I wish I could reply with but I just responded with another nod of accordance. Of course, you don't want to be rude to the person who has her hands down your neck (or basically have excess to my whole body). Really not hoping for the police to discover my dead body in a parlour.

Seeing my masseuse's skill in checking the nerves, Nana was hit by a pang of jealousy and so she asked hers, head pinned to the table, mouth mumbling, "Urat saya ada masalah tak?"
In return, she received a reply of, " Lah. Mana saya tau. Saya bukan doktor." Hahaha poor girl.

Anyway, we had a great 'work pause' and what's better was that all 3 of us could enjoy it muahaha.

Another week passed by and yesterday came with the annoying reminder from those two buffoons that it's my birthday. Could not be more discrete by stealing my phone and announcing it to the world -_- .  Was mad, I wished I could eat those two instead of birthday cakes *breathes fire.

Luckily, awesome birthday parcels which were posted by Kubis and SS saved Mayra's and Nana's butts, that I could not feel any annoyance but only butterflies of excitement in my tummy. Thank you girls for the ingatan tulus ikhlas dari jaooooh yang kau kirimkan melalui abang-abang posmen.

The initial birthday celebration plan was, Nana and Mayra wanted to take me to the Hin Bus Depot as there would be some art fair there and gosh, it sounded so wonderful and so did the posters, they looked awesome. It said there that anyone can participate and they will provide the tools. How cool is that!

Unfortunately, after meeting Dr Rita a couple of days ago, we had no choice but to go out again and find more respondents. So yeah, we spent one whole day roaming around Penang approaching Malays to help us. On my birthday. Lol.

Since we couldn't make it to the art fair, Nana and Mayra treated me with Chilli's lamb chop (lamb yaaaassss yummmsssss) and we eventually called it a day.

Overall, the girls did so great and I couldn't be more thankful :). I feel bad for them, they have to go all gaga every time it's my birthday hahaha.
Last year, they wanted to throw a birthday surprise but I fell asleep while doing the assignment in the living room (where the surprise was supposed to happen), in front of my laptop hahaha. When I woke up to pray at 3 AM-ish in the room, they quickly rearranged everything and blew the balloons. Haha. It was so funny. No wonder I kept hearing noises from outside.

These silly little things only make it harder to leave them girls next year, which similarly happened to my girls from the schools. Like, how do people even move on from awesome girlfriends? Any suggestion? Because I don't think i'm the clingy type of person, just overly attached  :P
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