Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Everything happens for a reason

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. I was about to write another daily rant but after a paragraph , I decided to transform it into an essay . Hahaha . Hope you enjoy reading it :p

I sat huddled on my bed , staring lazily at the windowpane as the slanted light of dawn was rippling through the broken glass , the dark skies were shading the Earth as a few stars were dangling on it like priceless jewelries . It was gloomy though . I let myself to fall into the endless expanses of the sky as the news since the past three days ago began to subjugate my brain . Each words of the headlines were  replayed back and forth through my cerebrum . 

"Killed in the woods . Left with missing head ."
"Twins , no more ."
"A bloated toddler was found at the river bank."

"Aaaahhh..." A moan escaped from her bleeding mouth . A few words were uttered afterwards but of course I hardly heard it , deciding to just ignore her .

"Ahh ! " she grunted louder and my mind was snapped into focus . The headlines eventually vanished from my mind right away.

Now I realize . The Sun was making its way on the sky .Morning started to creep .I tried to blink as the sliver of sunlight made my vision blur . The agony in my head was unbearable albeit I had tried my best not to wonder about them anymore , like I often did . But it was almost impossible , however. 
For another hundredth time , a long deep heavy sigh was expelled from my mouth. I started to comfort myself . 

"Everything happens for a reason." 

But it was hard . Hard enough to tell myself another lies , like pretending that you are fine when you are actually not . It did hurt . Deep down inside my heart , the pain began to kill my soul slowly . 

It felt like there was a lump in my throat as the tears were swimming in my eyes. A moment later , they were gradually shred , trickled down my smudged cheekbones , making their careless way to the shirt collar -: ready to be drenched as the soundless wail turned into a sob . A real hard sob , accompanied by curses , blurted with regrets.

"H...elp .." With an abated breath , she tried to speak again . This time , in the most pleading voice . 

"What ? You ruined my life ! My dream ! You ruined everything !" I screamed while cupping my ears . Shifting my gaze towards her , I cannot help but to notice some broken glasses shattered near her body . But empathy was far beyond me . 
The smell of blood made me to feel sick . Nonchalantly , I raised and walked towards her , trying to ignore the smell that hit my nose harder. I gritted my teeth and stared at her annoying demeanor. Anger petrified me .

Without hesitation I jabbed her with a dagger in my right grip , drawing another pattern of wound on her shoulder . The floor is then flooded with red thick blood . She bit her lower lip as she closed her eyes but not a single tears were coming out . Her eyes were probably dry after three days of crying and weeping. She had no more reason to cry . 
All of her children were killed by their own inhumane father. In a few seconds , she might follow them.

"You abhor me ! That's why you cheated , being a disloyal wife to me. They aren't my children !" Followed by another scream , I stabbed her on the stomach for a few times . 

Her body stiffened and I finally stopped . Her dress was hardly recognized now as the colour slowly turned red for the white linen were drenched with blood. She was not moving . Not even an inch . And there was no breathe being exhaled anymore.

With knife still glued in her stomach , I pulled her into my arms and placed her head on my lap . I caressed her lips and traced her nose bridge with my index finger before I planted a kiss on it.

Smile was plastered on my face. 

The fears will stop haunting me now .

# I'm not sure if there's any mistakes , coz I haven't check the grammar yet . Well , you can always correct me if I'm wrong :)
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