Thursday, 15 June 2017

Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti

Do you ever have something that you love so much and one day, you just have to let it go? (no, not in a hoarder kind of way. Just the normal I love-it-so-much-it's-hard-to-say-bye)

In my case, I have this one handbag that I love sooo much. Before I have it last two years, I was never attached to my previous bags. I bought them, I used them, I forgot about them and then that's it. An autobiography essay about my laundry basket would be longer than about my bags, trust me. 

But this one, this one is DIFFERENT. 

It is so different that I used it for more than two years (trust me, in my handbags age, that is ancient, immortal almost)
It is so different, most of my photos are of me carrying it!
It is so different, I was heartbroken when it began to peel off  ;( 

I don't know why I love it so much. I got it during sales, to be honest and thus, it's not that expensive. Also, not like it's Chanel or anything (although pffttt not that I can afford one hahaha kemain compare with chanel)

It's just ...
just that it's easy and simple enough for a girl like me. It's a bucket bag which is as big as a shoulder bag that I can stuff bottles, books and everything in here. It may look small on me but trust me, I can pile everything like Doraemon in here and it still look cute. 

Where else can I find one similar to this?  *cries a bucket  T_T

Been looking for it's substitution for months now and still, none of the feels right. Sedih la camni. 

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