Saturday, 22 April 2017


This happened about a month ago but I've forgotten to blog bout it hehe

Since Penang is an island, when it's hot, it gets REAL hot, even my Veet wax strips melted. I started blathering on my Instastory about the weather , then about the veet, then came my frustration. Consequently, a friend had personally texted me and suggested
Norah Wax

Well, have you guys heard of it ? I hadn't and everyone else seemed to know about this local brand except for me, as if I had been living in a cave haha. My friend had been using this type of wax for a year or so, she said. She then suggested me an IG shop and I started browsing the hashtags.

Hmm... good reviews, cheap price, packaging looks nice.

But ...
I was torn in between two ;- putting the new unfamiliar wax onto my skin or continue using the old same Veet wax strips which had betrayed me. I mean, I'd been using the brand since forever. I didn't know if my skin would be okay with this new wax. What if it suddenly gets sensitive and itchy ?

I gave another brief glance at the poor looking melted pink wax spilling out of Veet's box, before reverting my eyes to the glimpse of Norah's jar in my phone.

Should I ? Should I not ? 

Okay. I should Google more about this thing. And that was all I did for almost an hour. 
All of the reviews were so good and I learned that it is completely organic . So... does it mean it's edible ? I guess so. Not that I wanted to eat them although the texture has been cunningly manipulative. Haha.

So after weighing enough thoughts and consideration, I decided to give it a go. Why not. If I don't like it, Nana and Mayra can have it. 

Ordered it, purchased it, received the goods in good condition. 

Since I was quite busy with my classes that week, I impatiently waited for the weekends. 
I have specifically bought the Hot wax and boy, am I free from bulu now! Haha. 

The best part was when you have to pull the strips only once and it leaves your skin bulu-free and not only that, smooth. I got hyped and wax everything haha. Nana joined in and had bought one jar for herself afterwards. 

In case you haven't tried this brand, JUST DO IT !  *in Shia Labeouf's voice.

I will leave the link to the Instagram pages here and trust me, it's good. I wouldn't recommend it here if it's not haha. 

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