Saturday, 22 April 2017


I still remember the days when Mak would buy me cheap cloth a.k.a kain, so that I can practice making things. For instance, this thick and heavy skirt only costed her RM 3. Thus, she bought them in two colours, mint green and this lavender colour. 
RM 6 and I got myself two skirts ! Can you believe that ?

The normal price would be RM15++ per meter but this one was the last 3 meters and they reduced the price to RM 1 per meter. God I love how this whole reducing price system work ! Please sell more. Please please please

Besides, I would only need 3 meters to make a complete dress and I'm off with my machine. 
#theperksofbeingsmall *laugh at people who have been calling me small *shove their mouth with the reduced price of kain I bought

There were times too when Mak just gave me an outdated pattern of kain (which she got for free) and let me make anything
Muahaha! Bow before me, peasants. For I am the lord of kain. 

It was fun though. I made pants, more skirts and more jubah/dresses. Some of the kain, with the ugly pattern which I know I won't wear to classes, were transformed into baju kelawar hahaha. Um yeaa'aah! Extra baju kelawar !

However, only recently, she had started buying me REAL kain and I instantly knew that she's finally given me the chance to roam free... I can finally inhale the air of independence... *flying out of my cage, browsing for more kain online

It was hard before. With her eyes watching every steps I took, "No, no. You should make the chest a lil bit wider," or "That's not how you handle the machine," and more 'tauke-tauke' kinda bossy nag. However, things are different now. HAHAHA. I can make anything I want. 

So that's it. A short story of how Mak let me roam free :P . And yesterday, I wore the new doll kurung for our Dean's list ceremony. Mak had bought this kain last year but I only had the time to sew it during the last mid semester break. 
Okayla. Not bad la. For my first attempt in doing something beside baju kurung, dresses and blouses. 

My parachute of the semester.
Fly Anis, fly !

Both Nana and Mayra wanted me to make a pair of this dolly kurung for each of them. Well, Nana had requested it before but I kept on saying no because I was still scared. Somehow, yesterday I said, "Okay fine. Let's buy kain." 
They suddenly got all jumpy and screaming, Nana immediately Google for cloth store in Penang. Oh my lord. People . Staaahhhp. Staahhpp. Gaaahh. These people la kan. Selalu over excited. Shouldn't have said yes. I am back to being scared again. 

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