Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The end of my era

I have a feeling that I'm approaching the end of my glorious prime days, guys. Like, seriously. I kept on forgetting things which I'm not even supposed to.

Last Friday, I stopped by at the 7 Eleven to withdraw some money.
Anyway, Mayra was at the counter and I quickly headed to the ATM.
Inserted the card.
Keyed in my PIN numbers,
Tapped on the amount,
The machine popped out my card.

I casually took the Bank Islam debit card and quickly headed to the counter , queueing behind Mayra. The cashier suddenly went , "Miss ! Your money !" with a surprised face as she pointed at the machine. A few 50 notes were sticking out of the gaping hole and I went all "Astaghfirullahalazim ! MashaAllah..." and more zikir I could think of.  hahahaha.

Seriously. What was I thinking.
Luckily, I was still there, inside the 7E. If not, the next person withdrawing money would have hit a jackpot.
Surprisingly, that was not the first time.
They usually have the loud beeping sound (trust me, I am used to that A LOT) but maybe the machine was broken or it didn't have any speaker attached to it.

But still,
No one. But Anis. Only Anis can do that.

Apart from the ATM incident,
yesterday, I lost my phone. Again. Have I been eating ants or what ? *jumps off a cliff

We frantically went here and there .... only to find it in a drawer of the lecturer's desk.
Earlier that day, we had a morphology presentation and we did use the desk to place our laptop. However, I couldn't recall on WHY did I ever put my phone INSIDE the drawer, instead of ON the table.


I guess, this is it. The end of my glory is approaching. I'm going to turn into a forgetful and old frail lady real soon.

On a brighter side, now we know that the supplements for the brain are not working.
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