Saturday, 4 March 2017

Laptop wouldn't turn on

Since yesterday I couldn't blog properly , here's the snippets of what actually happened.

My laptop, my dear MacNis the laptop has endured so much for the past few years.
It used to fell on the floor, table, whatever hard things there are, you name it. It has dived onto those surfaces.
It used to get wet. Soaked in facial wash, soaked in water. Yeah, this laptop has had more adventure than any of you guys ! Now shame on you for not being that adventurous.
It used to get stepped onto. Mostly because I like to leave it on the floor and just happen to ACCIDENTALLY step on it or knock it. (Only last week, I left it in Mayra's room and half an hour later, I heard her crying, "OMG Anis , I'm so sorry. I tersepak laptop you ! I didn't see it was there. Sorry !!!" and I nonchalantly replied her with it's okay, I do that all the time. Besides, it was my fault for leaving it everywhere.)

The ugly side of Anis, revealed.

Seriously, if you're my laptop, how would you feel ? To have an owner like me. Haha. You would despise me to the core, I bet you would self-destruct yourself.
Luckily, MacNis wouldn't do any of that, for our love towards each other is so pure.

So, what happened yesterday was , the rain was super heavy that it came with thunderstorms and all. I was in my class at that moment and was completely clueless of the outside world. But when we got home, Nana went into the room and screamed,

"Botol shampoo I jatuh !" first thing first. Okay. That's something we should be worry about -___-'

But what she didn't realize was, our room was all wet, a few things were lying on the floor and the curtains were soaking wet.

The room was a complete mess.

I went to get my laptop and was glad that it's surprisingly dry. Clearing everything up, I just left the laptop there on the floor. . . and continued my day.

The next morning, as I was about to do my assignment , I picked the laptop and was surprised to find a PUDDLE under my laptop. A frigging puddle.

"Hi bij. Surprise !"

  1. 1.
    a small pool of liquid, especially of rainwater on the ground.

    "splashing through deep puddles"

    "puppies and kids are drawn to puddles the way moths are drawn to light"

Excuse me, what are you doing here , Mr Puddle ? I thought MacNis was dry yesterday !

I was so panicked, I didn't know what to do that I just sat on the chair like someone who has just lost their child. With a little spark of hope left, I connected it to the charger.

The light was not on.

The light was NOT on ! I'm gonna die, I'm sooo gonna die, I thought. My parents are gonna kill me.
My laptop had endured so much, a puddle was not suppose to break it. "I KNOW YOU'RE NOT THAT WEAK ! NOW COME BACK TO LIFE !"
I kept on trying and drying it with a towel, continuously connecting and disconnecting it from the charger. But it was futile. Nothing happened.

Nana gave me a sympathetic look and came up with a suggestion , "Usually, if phones get wet, they put it in the rice container." Hmmm,,, really ? I mean, rice ? Really ? 
As Google also suggested the same thing, only you need to dry it carefully first, I followed the procedure hesitantly.
I mean, how can a bag of rice, dry a laptop.

What's happening to the world ?!

Somehow, after a few hours, it came back to life !
Mind. Blown.
The screen was okay like nothing happened.

And here I am, blogging with it :)

Thank you to that bag of rice and the odds of it.
And thank you MacNis for coming back to life T_T , I love you sooo much. Please, don't leave me again like this. I know I've been so careless but please, don't be such a drama queen again. You know how much I need you in my life.
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