Monday, 20 March 2017

Indecisive on hobby

My dad is suddenly into cycling.

He is the only person I know which is into a lot of hobbies. Unlike my Mom, who is in a love-hate relationship with her sewing machine since forever, my dad frequently jumps from one hobby to another.

Last ten years, he's really into carving , he carved most of the decorations in our house.
Similar to this kind, but this is not his photo.
Took it form Google
Well, they're undeniably beautiful but he did not completely finish them -_-' . After a year or two, he got bored and just sent the rest of the woods to the shop and paid people to finish it.

Later, he's into camping, hiking and caving. Like, seriously into it, he even joined clubs and all. In fact, us girls also followed him sometimes if it's not so adventurous (like Gunung Jerai and other easy2 hills). I was probably 10 or 11 at that time. It was fun, since my other schoolmates didn't really do that at my age. So, when I went to school, I could brag bout it. Hahaha. Besides, the most 'camping feels' they got to experience was at PADANG SEKOLAH !
Poor kids.

Afterwards, he's really into photography, so he bought a quite expensive camera which he is still struggling to use ,,, even after 5 years. Was it 5 years ? Or has it been 10 ? I don't know anymore. And now, he just uses his phone to take photos .
"Excuse me, Abah. Where's that camera you said you gonna use forever ?" Hahaha

After that, he's into ... hmm I don't know anymore. I lost track already. So many things.

And this year, he's suddenly into cycling. Being him, that man must have a lot of new year resolutions to be completed . #midlifecrisis is hard

Despite of the forever-changing hobbies he has, I somehow can understand how it feels like. I mean , hobby doesn't have to be definite, does it ?
There's this one person I met from usrah , who still likes collecting stamps. People still do that ? Hats off, kudos, good job, tabik spring, whatever you deserve. I can never stick to one thing like that. Besides, where can you get stamps these days ?

Anyway, Abah is currently in Indonesia with my Mom for the weekends, and my uncle from KL came back to Kelantan yesterday. So Dad is coming home tonight and just now in the Family whatsapp ;

"Esok boleh cycle tak? " to my uncle .

And he's not even in the flight back to Malaysia yet ! Tak menyabar   -___-'

Poor Mak, all alone these days. If I call her in the evening, Abah is usually out with his friends, doing non other thing but cycling. And if I call him, "Call nanti. Abah nak keluar ni," Amboi . Kemain sekarang.

But one thing for sure, I feel like hobbies connect me with my parents.
My Mom's eyes would sparkle if I talk about those 'sewing things' and when we exchange ideas on what to do.
My Dad would get excited if we discuss about nature and paintings.
And the most important thing is, they would support me in everything I do :)

Thank you, you two, for always being there :)

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