Monday, 20 March 2017

Stress eating

Stress eating. It's happening to me , guys. And it's serious. I could go from eating a bowl of rice at 9 , followed by some burgers and more snacking afterwards.
And at 11, I'll be hungry again -_-'

Sure, I had fun eating. But frankly speaking, do I ?

I have an assignment which needs to be handed in less than 24 hours and we have started doing it for days and we kept coming to a dead end. Hence, resulting to more eating. Can't think, eat. Sleepy, eat. Still hungry ? Guess what ? EAT SOME MORE !

Btw, today marks the 3rd day we have been ordering McDelivery for 3 days straight ! What a notable achievement haha

I know I complained a lot about my unhealthy lifestyle ... but what else can I complain about when this is the only thang that can drive me crayzay haha

Kbye. Nak gi sambung buat assignment !

p/s : Nana cries a lot because of this assignment, I hope I can recall this in the future and rub it onto her face hahahahha

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