Thursday, 26 January 2017

The phone ; a sorcery

So a few weeks ago, my dad asked me if I need a new phone. And I said, "Tak payahlaaah. Boleh guna lagi," He said okay and that's the end of it.

Moving forward to this morning,

Emmm something did happen today and ,
"Dad, you still remember the deal you offered? Yeah. The one I constantly rejected. Yeah well ye know, you kinda HAVE TO buy me a new phone now," is what I wish I can tell my Dad.


Ye know, things happen. Haha.
One day, you don't need it and the next thing you know, you're extremely in need of the favour.

The truth is, I'm scared to ask for the favour again, as I had shrugged with "No" for quite a few times every time he asked. Haha.
My phone was a few years old Samsung and being a concern dad, as my dad already is, he always offers to get involved in my gadgets department. His poor daughter really have zero knowledge bout it. And no taste too. So yeah.

Anyway , after the constant 'no',

AS IF a pile of sorcery is bundled on me, today . . .

My old Samsung which I had dearly clung to for the past few years.
My sweet baby. 
My annoying-but-I-still-love-anyway bff.  

I lost it.

Okay, maybe the right word isn't lost but hmmm technically speaking, I lost it.

So,,, what happened was,
I dropped my phone in A TOILET BOWL, along with my dignity, as I let out a long shameless AAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAANOOOOMYGODNOOOOOO in a public toilet.

You would have thought I fell on the floor by the pitch of the scream. Although I still believe that me falling, is better than having to see my phone continuously bobbing in the pitch black vent, trying to hold back for it's dear master. Poor soul. Even at it's very last moments. Still tried so hard.

After a few minutes struggling with a long tongs ( I don't know it's name haha) trying to clip the phone up, it just kept on slipping away.
And hence, I did what I should have done earlier.
I gave up.
I closed my eyes, held my breath and,
I just flushed it away.
Whispered : Now go. Swim little guy, swim to your new family.

That's it.

I mean, it's like a sorcery !
My dad did his offer, I rejected. And now I'm in a great need of the offer back!
#akibatmenolaktawaranmenarik #adakahiniderhaka

Now, what should I tell him? Pfftt, I have a pride to protect, okay. Not gonna tell my dad I threw it down a sewage, in a toilet, in a shopping mall.
Sounds legit, no?

Updated : Dad was not mad. It's day 3 with the new one and I've cracked the screen... Looking forward for more damages

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