Monday, 12 December 2016


So LELaC has finally sailed.

Wouldn't say successfully but at least, not that bad. Okay,

it was BAD.

Hahaha. I've been in the committee for almost three years now and this year, it's quite chaotic. Nevertheless, Eka (and others too) did a superb job throughout the planning process. It's just, we might have underestimate the D-day itself and hence, things went out of control. Received quite a number of the on-the-spot registration and hence, leading to inadequate rooms, shirts, food and a few other things.
Parents should know better not to drag their kids and the luggages here and request to register on that day. *sigh
Booking rooms and halls are the hardest things to do here in our campus.

Past is in the past. Let us remember all of the happy memories now :)

A few days before the event, each department was assigned with our own decoration task and ours happen to build two caves.
So we did the caves and all , and the night before, was ready to hang it at the entrance. But then ,,, Dr. K got a change of plan and asked us to "Just paste it on the wall as backdrop"  -_- Not where I expected it to be.

Look how ugly it is as a backdrop. He added the plastics some more. Haih.

Painting a ship at 1 AM. Just yet another normal day.

Didn't have enough brown paint and could only manage to paint half hahaha

I'm in charge of Publicity and also help those people in Multimedia. As for the job scope, Ngoi helped A LOT to publicise too as he sought for sponsors and we received more numbers this year compared to the years before. So yeah, high five for that. Thank you Ngoi.

As expected , a few familiar faces also came again ; some at their 5th year, 4th year and mostly 3rd year already with us. And according to these Senior Lelacers , "Next year, accept less people , so it would be more fun like the years before." Haha okaaay. Noted

Our team. 

Holding a camera without a stand for two hours per session was seriously tiring. Walking here and there trying to get EACH & EVERY PERSON in the photos, also tiring because else, the parents would ask
"Where is my kid." "How is he doing ?" "Is she fine." 

God. The kids don't even miss their parents and the parents were seriously clingy. Haha. Since we had to handle all of the social medium; we had to indirectly handle the parents too. 

Overall, it was tiring with a few assignments due in the same week, yet quite a memorable one with the team. I really enjoy the moments with them :)

Since I'm not in the photo most of the times , so I'm gonna leave this one in here, just to appreciate that one moment I'm actually in one. Hahahha

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