Sunday, 20 November 2016

Updating on other's love life coz I don't have one

So our lil kambing has been making progress for these past few days. He has gotten more confident to talk to women (not face-to-face. Not yet.) and has been so happy getting the attention and replies on Tinder hahaha.

I've known Hadi for quite a long time now and we became close because I helped him to get my dorm-mate six years ago and our friendship still continues despite of them breaking up. Too bad, I ship them so much although they don't really meet often. How did they survive, was also a wonder.

This guy, for all I know, couldn't even ask for a girl's number before (wrote about it here). And now, look at him...

But a few hours later, he told me he got rejected. It's okay boy. It's okay. You can try again. He was so excited. The last time he asked a girl out, the girl turned out to be ... well , how to put this. Hmm..not really into guys. Or not into penis at all. Hehe. They met in Dota2. If it's me, I wouldn't expect much too.

Let us hope he will get Kate and she's not a gay.

baru reply gitu. Perasan la dia ni

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