Tuesday, 25 October 2016

So Zalora had a sale last night. Well, technically, they always do but yeah I don't care I'm gonna pretend it's one of those special sales. 

I promised myself not to get anymore shoes. 
However, this one might be another exception I couldn't avoid. 
Two pairs of heels, one in pearl white and the other one in black. 
Black and white. 
Compulsory colours in everyone's wardrobe ok.
Needed them.
Because they're compulsory. 

On another note, you know what else is compulsory in my shoe rack? 

Had been eyeing this fella for quite a long time but I kept on getting a constant "Nope" from Nana and Mayra. 

*taps on the floor impatiently

Okay. Bye. Gotta go buy one.
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