Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rant and Mac & Cheese

So many things on mind and yet so little time to blog. The oven is doing its job, so I thought I could come in here and write while waiting.

I had so many to-do-list specifically for my sem break and not even half of it were done. Some of the RIP plans were taking bike license and enrol myself into cooking class. The license was just, , , let's say, impossible. People said that you gotta at least know how to control the bike first before going to the classes. Lol. Is that so ? Cause if yes, Anis here would take more than 3 months just to finish the classes.

On another note, as I had manage to conduct a few English tuition classes for the past few weeks, I have collected quite a number of money; which is now left to RM 0. *cry a bucket*. 

I have used half of it to pay for our mini Perhentian Trip and the other half to buy cooking ingredients. Haha. Though my parents would leave some money before going to work, I prefer not to take them and leave them there. Might use it once I really need money.
I couldnt help but feeling a little bit mature doing this hahahaa.
Mak , Abah, look at me !
I'm all grown up !
Aren't you proud of me !

So this evening, I made some Mac and Cheese. Super easy I tell you !  Because instead of making my own carbonara sauce, I bought the canned one from Prego. Lol. Haha. Only RM4 meh.

Ingredients :

  • Boiled Macaroni (1 cup and half)
  • Sliced Onion : 1 bulb  or you can use 2 Shallots instead
  • Sliced Capsicum : Half
  • Butter : 2 spoons
  • Fried Minced beef/meatballs 
  • Button Mushroom : Up to you :P
  • Prego Carbonara : 1 Can
  • Pepper : Accordingly
  • Paprika : Accordingly
  • Salt : Accordingly
  • A cup of fresh milk (not compulsory) 
  • Toppings : Parmesan (a cup) , Capsicum (half), Nicely minced and chopped Garlic (2 cloves)

How to :

  1. Saute minced Onion/Shallots with the butter. Once the smell rises, add the capsicum. Again, saute well. 
  2. Add the carbonara, the macaroni and then the already fried meatballs. Fold them in. 
  3. Add a few pinches of salt, pepper and paprika. 
  4. Pour a cup of fresh milk and stir them before adding the mushroom. Let it rest.
  5. In another pan, spread the aluminum foil and layer it (foil) with some margarine/butter
  6. Pour the mixture into the foil and sprinkle A LOT of cheese on top. If you don't want the cheese to be overwhelming, sprinkle the chopped garlic, pepper and paprika too. 
  7. Bake into the oven for 45 ++ minutes or until the cheese melts.

Super easy right ? 
I feel so bad because it had been ages since I'm able to post any recipes at all. I had this little dream inside me to have well-balanced posts from each label   T_T     guess I'm still far to go. 

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