Friday, 27 May 2016

Stranger on the bus

This morning, I took a bus from Penang to Pasir Mas, going back home to enjoy my study week break. Most of the times, I prefer to take the ride at night, so that I can sleep throughout the whole journey but since all of the tickets are sold out, leaving me with no choice but to grab the only seat left on Friday, I am now home :)

Well, I'm not blogging to write about the whole mundane journey but what's interesting happened today is that I meat this one Chinese uncle on the bus. Quite old, around my Gramp's age.

I was reading 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' while waiting for the toilet stop ended. And the uncle was on his way to his seat , "What are you reading?" and smiling, I showed him the cover.
"Oh, I'm on my way to finish a book too," he said, revealing a white thick book entitled 'Quran translation'. I replied by saying I have it too but in Malay while taking out my Quran from my handbag and he said that he doesn't know how to read in Malay.
"It's nice isn't it? I haven't finished it but I'm almost there."

We talked for quite a while and I found out that he's on his way to learn Quran at Pulau Melaka, Tok Guru's house. He is a Muslim Chinese, just converted two years ago, was a Father at a church in Langkawi, currently an engineer and he was in Penang to study Quran too but they suggested him to go to Kelantan. It was his first time going to Kelantan and he was so nervous. He's all alone and yeah, I can understand why he was.

That uncle talked a lot and I was quite impressed seeing his determination to study the Quran.
"It's hard you know. When you live alone, you go to work early in the morning and you get back late in the evening, you won't have the time to study it. Well, I know the basic, the prayer, a few small surahs which I memorised. But I am yet to know how to read it."

True. I felt quite small as I listened to him yesterday. I'm born as a Muslim and I barely take time to improve my reading. I can read the Qur'an but of course, there is no stopping in learning it. It might be imperfect and it is my obligation to find the teacher, allocating some time for my best friend in the graveyard later. And this uncle, old and alone, was persistent to make use of his weekends.

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