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Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

So yesterday, our scouts meeting was canceled and I quickly made an appointment with a dentist. Pusat Sejatera USM (clinic in the uni) had an event so I found another one around Gelugor. 
I've been having toothache for almost a week now but we were quite packed last week and I finally got the chance to visit the dentist yesterday (right after the pain had slowly went away -_- ). So basically I went there with no toothache but just to simply check if there's something wrong with my gum. 

"Oh. Your gum is covering your wisdom tooth so we have to pull the tooth out."

"Do I have to ?" and the Dr nodded. "Is there any other choice ?" and she shook her head. I sat on the chair for a few minutes, contemplating the idea of pulling my tooth out.

"O...kay I guess."

The Dr smiled and told her nurse to get everything ready,  "I will start when everything is here." and she turned her face to the computer, browsing the net. As she played the song 'Chammak Challo' behind me, I soaked in the view of her room. There were two aquariums for her turtles right beside me (I bet they have witnessed a lot of tears and cries from inside the glasses) and in front of my chair, I can see pots of ferns decorating the panelled glass, have been dated row by row probably for years, seeing the way the ferns have grown. What a nice dentist office. Very soothing. 

So the process went by for almost half an hour. Her injecting my gum (TWICE ! God bless me), pulling out the tooth and finally SEWING my gum to the area.

Because of the drug (bius) I was okay during the whole process, happily thanking the Dr afterwards, strolling out of the room. I was even surprised when the assistant offered me an MC. Silly me, asking will I be needing it. Now that I recalled it, no wonder the assistant replied with a smirk. She must have thought that this kid is soooo gonna come again, begging for another MC.


She handed a few medicines and asked me to come back in 10 days to open the stitches. I said okay and drove home. 

Right after the drugs started to lose the effects , ya Allah I swear only Allah knows the pain ! It felt like your gum was CONSTANTLY being injected with a big needle ; I wished there's a button to pause the pain. And it couldnt stop bleeding too (and it still bleed today even after 12 hours). 

I tried not to focus on the pain but my tears seemed to disagree with my brain. It kept coming out and I could only moan in frustration. 
I quickly took my shower (while moaning and wailing in pain) , ate the bread dipped in water (groaning, as I tried to swallow each small bite), took my medicine and finally performed my prayer (as expected, while crying) . I felt like I was about to get a fever. It was very unbearable. I tried not to focus on the pain but I just coudn't !

That Ponstan (whoever invented this pain killer, a very BIG thank you from me) eventually kicked in after a few minutes and I tried to finish my assignments while the pain was still bearable. I didn't know the period of the effectiveness of the pain killer but I couldnt sleep well last night for sure. 

And this morning , after my prayer , I sat on the mat, thinking about the ibrah of my pain. 

True. And Allah has said that, sickness is one of the ways of Him removing our sins. I was diagnosed with an intestine problem last week and this week, he gave me another test. Ya Allah. I must be very sinful   T_T   that You have to cleanse them away like this. 

If this pain was merely a burden which I can still bear , how does giving birth feel like ? And more importantly , 


I still remember a story being told by an Ustaz when I was back in Kelantan last week. Of how painful death is. 

One of the special gift that Allah has given to Prophet Isa A.S is the ability to reborn the death, or awake them from death. While he was walking from one place to another , he came across an old  woman who was crying at a grave. So he approached the woman , asking "Has something happened to you, Mother ?" and she said that her one and only daughter has gone forever. She promised Allah she won't leave the place. Not until her own death or Allah let her see her daughter. 

"Will you return to your home if you can see her for one last time ?" Prophet Isa asked her and she said yes. 

Prophet Isa A.S performed a 2 rakaah prayer and prayed to Allah, " Ya fulanah(whoever), awake with the blessings of AllahuRohim. Awake from the grave."  and some said weird and loud sounds came out from the grave as if there's an earthquake. But the girl was still not out. 

Prophet Isa A.S prayed for the second time, and biiznillah, the grave cracked apart. But the girl was still not out.  He called out for the third time and after quite a long time , the dead girl came out, wiping the dust from her hair. 

"What took you three calls to come out ?" Prophet Isa asked. 

"When the first call came , Allah sent the Angel to rearrange my bones, hairs and pieces." and that explains the sounds and the small earthquake.
"When I heard the second call, Allah gave me back my ruh (life)."
"As for the third call, I was too afraid to come out because I thought it is the Judgement Day already." 

Seeing the mother, the girl approached her and asked, "Mother, what makes you do this , till I have to experience the extreme agony of death twice ?" and she continued, "Mother, it's okay. I am done with this world and I have no resentment."
The girl then told Prophet Isa A.S to pray to Allah to ease her pain of death and return her to Akhiraat and he did as told.

This news finally came to the ears of Bani Israel. So they asked him to awake Sam@Ham bin Nuh (the son of Prophet Nuh A.S) as a proof of his special gift. That he is able to awake someone who has long died, and to ask about Noah's Ark.

Prophet Isa A.S went to his grave performed a 2 rakaat prayer and again biiznillah, Sam bin Nuh was awake. However all of his long hair and beard has turned white and Prophet Isa asked for the reason as he knew that Sam died at a the age where his hair was still dark.

"When I heard your call from down there, I thought it was already the Judgement Day and I was so scared that all of my hair turned white."

"How long have you been dead, Ibnu Nuh ?"

"I died 4000 years ago but up until now, I can still feel the agony of death. It was very unbearable."

MasyaAllah. It is clear that death is the most painful agony of all. And, that's only the end of our second phase. Are we strong enough to continue our journey to the third and fourth phase ? Astaghfirullahalazim...

May all of us are ready for the day. May you blessed us and You ease our death with your bountiful blessings. 

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