Thursday, 28 April 2016

Captured and Lost

Last two weeks , I lost all of my photos . All of them . And I'm not the kind who keep photos on Instagram or Facebook anymore. Yeah. Just sad.
And in our circle, I'm that one friend who keep ugly photos of everyone :'(

So I made a promise to myself to :

First , MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE UPLOADED TO ICLOUDS . This is just so sad. I remember syncing the photos in iCloud and still, they went missing after I signed in, leaving me with only slides from Keynotes. I was already sad that my videos from iMovies were gone. And to open Photos to find nothing... was a very heartbroken moment I wish not to mention here.

RECORD EVERY MOMENTS FROM NOW ON. This is very important. I may look like a person who hates walking down the memory lane. Well yeah, apparently, I am not. I just looove keeping memories and looking back at them remembering what actually happened on those days. With Nana's birthday coming really soon, I was thinking to make an album of us ,  but guess who just lost all of her photos ?

DON'T DELETE YOUR IG PHOTOS , Anis -_- . Sometimes , I like doing that for no reason (as if I'm not a weirdo enough) and yeah. The regrets keep on mounting by days. I just want my old photos badly. Too bad we didn't print them out. Who would have ever thought iCloud would betray and stab me like this ? *cries a bucket*

And, BLOG EVERY TIME POSSIBLE. The only good thing that comes from me blogging (though as rarely as it may be), is that I have some photos online. I turned a few posts into private for aurat reasons but hey , at least I can re-download them from here. Yayyy.

I'm sure I said a lot of things about trying to keep the memories in here. But I am sure, the next latest post you will ever be getting from me is when I am already home for semester break. Haha. I said this all the time but we ARE busy this semester. Hahaha.

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