Friday, 14 August 2015

Graduating First Year

Semester break this time happens in a whiz. I swear it feels like it was only yesterday when my parents came to pick me in Penang ! Then there's the Ramadhan , Raya and three weeks ago, I was enrolled into sewing class. I got no time to finish my drama series as I have long planned (since the very beginning of last semester ! God bless me) for now Mak and Abah can always find me sitting in front of the sewing machine . My sewing teacher should be proud of this student. Very diligent la this one haha.

I started with zero knowledge , no basic at all , didn't even know how to set up the thread into the machine and today, I have sewn a good numbers of dresses. Honestly, the class did me a huge unreturned favour. With the financial crisis these days and with me (my problems with buying clothes and so on :P we all have this one problem, don't we haha) , the skills that I have learned might become handy in the future. InsyaaAllah.

This place is PKWK (Pusat Kemahiran Wanita Kelantan) , if you happen to live in Kelantan , you might as well as browse for the office around your place. Some places offer baking and cooking classes and some places offer sewing classes .

#Things to do during sem break

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