Thursday, 2 July 2015

Of Aurat and Istiqamah

Hi guys :)

So I watched this show called "Your Style In His Hands" (if I recalled the name correctly :p ) this morning. The boyfriend/husband will have the power to throw away their partner's clothes into the shredder if they don't like them (the clothes I mean, not the partner okay haha) . And not only that , they're given 5K to restock the clothes with the husband's desired styles. It was just soooo cool.

It would be VERY great if I'm able to do that , to me . bahaha. With that 5 grand in my hands, phewwwh , grab the money and voom , skedaddle ! An hour later , voila ! Wardrobe filled with new garments. Ahhh. That would be every girls' dream .

Okay enough with that. Serious mode , on. The thing is , I've been thinking about so many things lately. One of them , is about my constancy in covering aurah.

It seems like I always have problems with my socks -.-' . 'On' and 'off' . In my defense , it's the surrounding but then again , why should I blame others when it's actually my iman that fails.


This moment , that word freaks me out the most. It scares the shit out of me !

I used to tell Dibah how I wish I have the courage like other people ; wearing loose shirt, tudung labuh and all. I seriously envy those super ladies . 

And Dibah said , "No Anis. Don't aim high. Just start with the socks first and let's see if you can istiqamah or not. Only then your guts will take you to the next level."

yeah I hate it when she's right. Even only with the socks , I failed after a few weeks whatnot with the rest of the 'next level' things. Can only istiqamah for less then a month . *sigh. Now I hate myself.

I can still remember vividly what Zahin, my classmate used to say .

We just finished our evening prep class and since I hadn't finish my homework , I decided to stay in the class. There were Bruno, Azad and me left in the class. They were doing their work and I was doing mine.

Well I cant remember clearly the reason , but after a few minutes , I put off my socks. I was wearing this pair of pink socks (God knows how much I love pink during my school years -_-) that day so the colour was vivid that if I had them off , people might notice. 

Minutes passed by and suddenly Zahin walked into the class. And I quickly hid my feet under the kurung skirt. Unfortunately, I was sitting at his spot and had to move away to give him the chances to take his books. And there you go , he saw my feet. Ahah ! I knew right away what's gonna happen next . 

" Anis , mana stokin ni ?"  Can only bit my lower lip . " Ni dah confirm sangat ke masuk syurga ni ? Aurat pun tak nak tutup." Ouch ! Burn !

Yeah . "Dah confirm sangat ke masuk syurga?" 

It was a dreadful reminder. I hope I'll istiqamah for the rest of my life. Amin.

# this post is like a reminder for my future self, in case i forgot why I start again ...Really hope you can pray for my consistency too :')
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