Monday, 6 July 2015

Sherlock series bbc

Hold your breath dear friends for I have an important announcement to be made.

I have finally finished watching Sherlock !

Okay. Done. You can breathe like a normal human being now. lol. People who know me are aware that I can't really handle blood  T_T  and when EVERYONE has been watching Game of Thrones , I can only sit on my bed and try to be as invisible as ever. Haha.

So last week, Rhys passed us Sherlock series, cheerfully reminding us to watch it because it is "Seriously best !" and according to her also, "there's no blood scene". Yayers for me :p

In contrast , Nana's replied on whatsapp was , "boring. Not challenging enough for me. Meh."


And hence, I tried watching one episode. Well for a start, it's just an 'okay' series. The plots get better in Season 2, I promise you :*

There's not much of emotion or drama but it can simply intrigue your interest through the plots. All the crime-solving scenes will surprise you with waves of thrills.

Sherlock is an adaptation from the classic Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , only they urbanized it (with London background and all those fancy hi-tech stuffs).
And the most important thing, Bennedict Cumberbatch portrays as Sherlock ! *squeals and faints (although after 2 episodes, I think Colin Firth will illustrate the character better, it's okay Cumberbatch. I still love you.) He is witty and cheeky and definitely a thinker (dude, I just loooove thinkers!).  And oh, he has a friend, Dr. Watson. I don't know why but it would be great if Jude Law is playing as Dr. Watson, like the one in the movie. I mean, he can be as awkward as Martin Freeman , so why not. Haha.
They met in the first episode, quickly became housemates and started their journey to solve murders and crimes together. Dr. Watson has this one blog and seriously, it is available on the web. okay you can only understand if you watch haha.

For the time being, I'm quite exasperated as the next season will be released in two years . Two years ! How long is that. -_-. Both Cumberbatch and Freeman are booming actors, so their schedules are quite packed until next year. So yeah, we gotta wait...

And by the way, my favourite characters are Jim Moriarty (by Andrew Scott) and Irene Adler (by Lara Pulver). Both are extremely talented actors ! I learned a lot about facial expressions from both of them T_T


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