Friday, 19 June 2015

Real friends take you to Jannah

I'm soooo blessed that I'm surrounded by caring people. Alhamdulillah sangat sangat sangat.
I am fully aware that I'm still in the learning phase (after all, every day is a learning phase for every Muslims, ait ? ), it is very encouraging to have abundant of help from every body. These kind of people give me this kind of strength and another kind of people give me another kind of support. Compliment every aspect of my life !
Everyone is just super loving, caring and supportive. Always trying to improve each other's weaknesses and keep on reminding what to do and what not to do. 

Only just now (second day of fasting already today), while I was whatsapping Aida like usual, updating about our lives , she asked me about our quran race (we have this khatam race every ramadhan). And my reply was, 

forgot our promise last month ._. sobs

Not sure if this is just me being PMS-ing but her reply seriously made me cry a bucket. Siapa tak terharu ada kawan yang selalu remind good things macam ni *take another bucket *cry some more. 

That is why I miss maktab and Aida so much. This people always grab me whenever they see me about to drown. Takutnya ya Allah kalau aku tak dianugerahkan orang macam ni . 

Alhamdulillah sangat2 for these bunch of people. 

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