Saturday, 7 March 2015

kita bukan tong sampah

We were on our way back from Tesco . 
My hands were occupied with plastic bags and so did Nana's and Allia's. 
Other than the plastic bags, I was also carrying a blue small trash can...

As we were about to climb the stairs , I placed the can on my head, while humming ; hands still struggling with Tesco's white plastic bags and feet marching on each steps carefully.

"You bagi harapan cerah kat tong sampah tu.
Nana suddenly said and I halted, my eyes running towards her. 
Her eyes were fixated on the blue can on my head, as if she was amazed by the 'fact' the she just blurted out. 
She was serious. Deadly serious.

"O....kaaaay." I replied, eyebrows etched, eyes still on her ; trying not to blink as the sweats trickled down the lids. 
"Harapan apa pulak ni ?" while continuing to climb the seemingly endless stairs.

"Ye la. Tong sampah tu dari lahir lagi dah tau yang dia akan jadi tong sampah.  But now, you letak atas kepala you. Dia tahu yang hidup dia akan berubah. " the words came out from her mouth eloquently. 
If she's not talking about the can and about her future instead, maybe I would have grabbed her and sit to listen more. But now ...

"You tengah nak plan tulis karangan autobiografi ke ni ? Aku sebuah tong sampah . Suatu hari, aku dibeli tuan Anis. Dia memberi sinar baru buat aku. Aku tau aku bukan lagi tong sampah yang biasa... lol."

I tried to make a joke out of the solemn tete-a-tete. Ha ha ha. Hambar .

"No. Betul la. It has no choice, sebab keluar je , fate dia memang jadi tong sampah. Dia dah takda choice lain dah."

"Ok nanti kita letak aiskrim dalam ni , ganti aiskrim pasu okay ? And kita beli benda lain buat letak sampah. 
Kita ubah fate & future diorang. Okay ? "

That was last week and our conversation was still vivid like a brand new blu-ray disk as I replayed it in my brain just now.


We are humans. We are born with choices. 
We are not tong sampah. Which meant to be tong sampah till the end of our lives.

I chose to be who I am now , and I got the treatment I deserve.
But if I chose to be 'tong sampah' , people won't stop throwing away scraps at me. 
Because I'm a 'tong sampah'.

But no,
I am a person , and I have choices.

*for those who has been complaining about being jeered at . 
Wake up and make your choice :)
You have the rights. 
Don't waste it.

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