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Yesterday was the beginning of Sushi King bonanza for Penangites :) and of course , three crazy people were expected to be there. Haha. 

At first, the plan was to call the cab after the class but sadly no cabs were available that morning. All busy wheezing here and there and we were left with no choice but to rent a car. 
Just for the sake of sushi bonanza  T_T  (if and only the determination is the same as going to lectures, the class attendance will always be 100% lol)

11.30 a.m and there were only 3 people queueing in front of us. Lucky I guess. We waited for about 5 minutes and the usher came to get us again , 

"Okay. I know there's only 3 of you but if people ask anything, just say that this abang is responsible for this," he gestured towards a guy in the same uniform as his, standing beside him all smiling from ear to ear. 

"Alang2 dah nak bagi seat special, baik extend masa sampai sejam terus," Allia replied , half laughing. 

"Okay boleh je," he wrote the 'end time' and we walked into the restaurant as he ushered us. 

Okay. I seriously had no idea about what he was talking about at first but when we arrived at the table, it was


The kitchen was just on my right. The itamae placed the plates , and we could instantly grab them. We would know what they're preparing and oh yeah , it was perfect .
Not to mention that it was table for six. 
I suddenly felt energetic and hungry !

In less than 15 minutes , three of us had finished 18 plates and as we waited for the unagi to be placed on the belt, we just eyed them in the kitchen nervously. 

"Last sushi."
"Allia, be a ninja. Take all of them."
"Say no more."

Seconds after the unagi were posed exquisitely on the belt like bikini models , ready to be savoured in our mouth, Allia quickly just grabbed one after another until 7@8 plates of them. 
I eyed the chinese standing on the other side of the belt on our left and oh God he just stared at us suspiciously as he waited for his turn.  Well at least we left a few plates for you. He grabbed the rest and I pity those sitting behind us. Haha. Guess they have to wait for another few minutes.

Going out from Sushi King , sooooo many people were now lining up. I don't know how long they will have to wait. Thank God we came early !

Yesterday was very perfect and we couldn't thank that usher enough as we got to eat all those special deal that we'd craved :)

Post-sushi at Boost.
Wearing skirt from Nuriman Scarf 

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