Monday, 9 March 2015

Post-Henna Day

Monday eventually came and this week, tagging along with the hectic Monday are the tutorials and more assignments. I always mention the word assignments in my blog as if other students got no assignments . Lol. What to do. I hate homework :P

So everybody was on Monday blues this morning, looking all tired and not so energetic. Seeing Michael's gloomy face first thing first today ,  

"Michael, why you look so sad meh ?"
"Because I have to see your face, Fak."  -______-
"Yeah I'm not pleased to see your face too. And I have more problems to think than just about you."
He replied with his 'whatever' trademark as I glared at him.
Both provoking each other. 

"Anis got a male organ yesterday." Nana suddenly and proudly announced -_____- "That's why she's so cranky today." 

Michael came and stand in front of me , concern painted all over his face. He raised his eyebrow , mouth half opened ; asking how .

I shrugged and tried not to open my mouth.
"Why am I not surprised though?" he smirked before laughing. And of course , Nana told him the whole thing while I sat invisibly beside her as she peeled of my secret. Lul.

These people la kan -__-

And then Kelly , and then Ngoi , and then Kandaq 
And before today ends , everyone in the class knows my secret (which is no longer a secret I suppose)
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