Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Don't let them end in vain

"How would you react if one day you find out that your judgement book is not ticked in the column solat ?"

A friend of mine once popped out this question after we finished performing our zuhr two years back. That kinda startled me and I was rendered speechless for a few seconds. 

"Your point is....?" I asked her back.

"You have prayed for ... let's say 60 years. Then you are judged. But your solat is not ticked.
You are VERY sure that you have performed your solat though. What would your reaction be?"

We sat there for a few seconds, wondering about the 'what if'. 
Well there could be a lot of explanation if your solat is not accepted. 
Could be from the wudhu' , could be from our attire (either it's clean from hadas or not) and it could be from the way you performing them too. 

There are too many possibilities. We can never know if we don't learn.

"If your wudhu' is not performed perfectly," she said, before I continued promptly,"Then your solat would be useless too !" 

"Exactly. I mean, what's the point of you performing it if it ends in vain ? So you better do it right.
Am I correct ?"

And I couldn't agree more with her. She was right. Solat is not something that you can play with and Allah is no one to fool with. Should always set in my brain to be careful next time. It's not only about the wudhu' but there are a lot more to learn. 
Because the question is ,

are we ready enough to be thrown into the hell ?

I've never roasted my hand but I'm sure enough it wouldn't be that lovely. And if one day I am to find out that my solat is not recorded in the judgement book , it will definitely scare the shit out of me.

I am not like those religious people who wake up every night for tahajud neither I'm good enough to always please people around me. But if my 'just' mandatory ibadah won't be accepted due to certain careless things, I am surely scared right now.

Dear Mira, thanks for popping out that question.
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