Sunday, 4 January 2015

Embracing into twenties life

We were busy preparing notes for PGA102 but Nana was very busy taking personality test and talked us into it. Haha. She was like, 


with her big round eyes and continued with a smirk curled up on her face, 
"Though I can predict your category already."

And, her prediction was right. Am I that transparent ?! -_-

Trust me , it went viral for almost a week . Almost all of our classmates tried it and I forced coaxed my friends into it too :) And since we have to study about human psychology and how to handle your students and all, we actually have the syllabus about this personality preference. The personality traits are interesting to learn but not the history of it and the important figures behind it. Pffffft.

And my result is INTJ -_- that test it creepy tho, turned out it is 90% true. And INTJ is mostly found in the villain character of movies. The closest example, Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter . Hahaha. Don't even ask me how I can dig that far. It's all Nana's . And the gist in the 'career path' said that I should work as an analyst. I knew it ! I always enjoy doing things and making progress. Duhhh . Hahaha. okay jk. That's not true. But well, I love working only if I have an outgoing team but committed. *Geez, I sound like a geek now. Lol


And, as expected ....

Now I understand why I would always avoid myself into one *claps* . 
Mom, you have raised me well. 
Haha . But living in this community full of gossipmongers (especially when you have nosy family and neighbours) , it somehow scares me. But meh . Who cares. 

So I read through the whole summary of my personality result and sometimes giggled with Nana. After figuring things out between us (Nana and me only probably . Allia was too busy with her games) , worrying about having to embark into twenties phase and throwing out a bit ; we finally decided to just embrace things YOLOly but not too YOLO because your next phase depends on this phase. God, who would have thought PGA102 has taught us a lot of things about being a human.

You should have seen our pale face.

"WE ARE TWENTY NOW ! Within ten years, there will be countless turning points in our life and we are the one who have to decide things ! Oh ma Lord..."

"Graduate, working, stabilize your finance, buying cars, getting married, having kids. How to squeeze all those things into ten years time. Sounds too short to me."

And Nana texted her dad, asking about what should we do. We were worrying sick with cold hands and all, hoping that he will give us the link to 'life guide' or 'tool kits for life'. In case, we can prepare ourselves and shout 
"Shame on you, life!"


"Go study for your next paper ! Think about graduating first !" yeah ...typical dad. Hahaha. But he was right. Things will come eventually and the only thing left is to embrace them and rejuvenate :)

Even Ellis(1973) did say, teenagers tend to create beliefs that would only trouble them.

Guess we are still not growing up. Still trapped in our teenage brains , we're thinking about what to do in the next ten years. -_- We haven't even finish our first semester yet. Duhhh . Calm your tits, lads.
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