Friday, 10 October 2014


Friday ! No class . 
But unlucky us had a test :(

well , managed to go to Gurney Plaza, however .
As soon as our test ended , "Gurney , here we come !" 

"Okay movie marathon has to be ON today . No more cancelation . Annabelle, Maze Runner , Dracula..." 

Yet we ended up watching only one movie -_- and I don't even know why because I went to surau while they bought the tickets

.... the question remain unspoken until today ....

the rating for Annabelle , 3/5 I would say . Not that good and not that bad *though I close my eyes most of the times lol . Well , at least the doll in the movie is hideous . Kudos for that . 
I don't like horror , so even if I rate a horror 10 out of 10 , you shouldn't buy it . Hahaha . 

And since Mayra had been craving for sushi (lol like Mayra was the only who had been hankering for sushi :P)


we ate A LOT and I was solemnly full , I can barely walk . Sadly , we have to leave because Jihan and Mayra had a few things to be settled .

So they both left us three in the Plaza -_- in which we later on found that we didn't really have much things to be done other than window shopping or watch the movies . And we chose to ...

Window shop.

We entered Sasa . Nana dropped some eyeliner . Act like nothing happened and walked away. Eyeliner smeared her white shirt. Walked aimlessly for almost 15 minutes , Nana suddenly went ,

"Baskin Robin ?" while carressing her tummy like she hasn't eat for a week . "Seriously ? I'm full -_-," Shaking my head vigorously.

"Swensen's ?" with sparkling eyes -_- Is this girl even serious ?

"Gelato ? " grinning from ear to ear . Hey , I believed I just said that I'm full . Why listing all of the restaurant's name ? -_-

After a few big NO , NO , NO from Allia and me , Nana actually gave up .... but only for a few seconds

"Urghhh I really need my Boost !" Almost crying *tears about to come out lol jk* hahhaha .
Okay maybe this one I can tolerate . Because I don't enjoy Boost as much hahaha .

So again , we walked aimlessly ,,, well actually with aim to find the Boost shop but yeah like Gurney Plaza is small .

Almost shouting , "MY BOOST!" - Nana . Saw some green sign from far and raced towards the green signed shop but after a few steps realized that it's not Boost . Hahaha

But beside the whatever-green shop , is Secret Recipe . Treng teng teng !

One eyebrow raised, and like we can read each other's mind, everybody just went in and ordered . Hahahaha
No one even popped out the question of , "should we eat here or not." tough it had been only 30 minutes after Shushi King .

all time favourite walnut brownies with vanilla ice-cream. yummeyh 

Took a leisure walk around Gurney Drive and I couldn't stuff more foods in my stomach :( they all look super delicious though . the rojak , kerang bakar , fries , fried foodsss , , , street foods are surely the best .

Jerebu in Penang . 

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