Friday, 3 October 2014

Had been posting wrong reflections all this while !

"The difference between storytelling and reflecting...storytelling is fun and describes what u did. Reflecting is insightful, meaningful and make yourself and others think...
Storytelling share experiences...Reflecting allows u to compare experiences, leading to knowledge construction and learning" - Dr. K

Haha he actually posted this on our Facebook group. 

Bang ! Anis ... hahahha
Only then I realized that I've been doing the reflections all wrong ! 

First , it might be due to the fact that I haven't blog for a long time , even I can't differentiate between a reflection and a random nag / storytelling hahahah . God help me to hide my face !

My intention was to write something different from my classmate , because we only meet once a week for PET class so basically most of us have to share the same thing . And little Anis here, trying to be different by writing what she saw from her own perspective , but ended writing off the topic :P teehee

In case you are wondering what I'm talkin' bout ...

For my elective class, we have to update things about our project (the progress , the ideas, the researches and etc) in the Facebook group . And , every weekends , we have to write a reflection about what we had learned from the class ... so far , this week is suppose to be our 3rd reflection (I was ready to write another story thank God Dr. K saved me from keeping on making fun of myself . hahaha) .

I reread them on Facebook and ,,, yeah Dr.K was right ! 

Reflection 1 : Miss Tardy

This whole week has been a mess . I was always tardy , was blur about a few things and sometimes I felt like giving up. But then , “Pick your head up princess , your tiara is falling.” The most comforting reply that I received from one close friend of mine ; for whining and wailing like a little monster.

I have to admit that I REALLY need to work on my time management (can’t help them no matter how hard I tried though). In my endeavour to avoid my tardiness is by keeping everything in my planner thinking mannn I’m so organised ! Then because technically the planner is in my phone , and I’m the kind of person who rarely check on my phone … the planner comes to no purpose. And before I know it , it’s either I forgot about meetings or I’m late ! “I’m sorry . I swear I remember about this last night,” I would tell the people , getting a bored Mmm-hmmm from them after . But , but I was really sorry …

During our second meeting , I was almost an hour late . Mayra called me few times but again , I’m the kind of person who rarely check on my phone. After a few misscalls , “God Mayra I’m sorry ! I KNEW I’m suppose to be somewhere today but really , I forget.” I was sure that my reputation was about to drop … whatnot with me being late on our second meeting. The rest were already there ! And this face cannot get any thicker .

For the third meeting , I got myself prepared and was 100% ready . Walking leisurely to our discussion venue , I was proud and confident . Yet , most of them had arrived , so basically I was late again.  .
Was sooooo tempted to pant like I ran a mile to come all the way there. “Sorry I’m late.” I said , the same boring excuse .

Seriously people ? I was sure that I tried to come 5 minutes earlier . Now I REALLY have to work on my time management . Their punctuality scares me somehow .
Nevertheless , my groupmates still plastered the so called colgate-smiles on their faces . Too cute , I felt guilty 
Reflection 2 : When the bats start swooping aggressively in my stomach...

As I could recall , my first presentation for PET was soooo bad ( I even secretly wished that I was a tree ) , I was nervous and all .

" Maybe you should just jot down your text first and memorize them..."
"Are you sure you don't want to write anything on a piece of paper?"
"You can practice with me , you know,"

So many people had been kind enough to help but I gently rejected them , or to be truth , was very reluctant to practice . Because that would only double my embarrassment  you know , having to do 'the presentation' twice . So basically twice thick-faced Anis . And twice fat bats (mine is not butterflies) swooping viciously in my stomach , chewing half of my blood vessels T_T ‪#‎crazyimaginationiknow‬

Unluckily , ours was rejected (yeah now I realize that we didn't really put on our thinking cap, compared to the current idea , it was so mehhhhh) which means I have to do the presentation again ! *cried and wailed real hard

A few days later , we went to meet Dr. Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan at his office . And yes , I prepared a few things so Dr. K doesn't have to rush me to the hospital if my mouth starts vomiting Subaidah's briyani. But I was very anxious and was sure enough that I only blabbered some unimportant points while my hands and legs shivered wildly. Pathetic.
Good thing was , Dr. K pushed us (not in a cruel way okay) until we finally got his points . Took us almost an hour to understand what he's trying to say . Duh . Nerdies .

And somehow , his acceptance makes me comfortable and 'kinda brave' to present the project today . *flips hair
Well , I was nervous but yeah thank God I managed to speak without passing out . It was an impromptu presentation anyway *flips more hair + kening.

Really hope that one day I can present like HC Ngoi 
*Oh Lord now I realize this reflection is quite long . Haha . It feels like blogging  Sorry

Learned my lesson and will try to write a proper reflection next time . And ,,, I should blog more ! Shouldn't have nag on facebook class group !
Others' are okay though . Mine are bit , meh no , waaaay off-rail . Pffftttt .

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