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The Du'a when Red Aunty pay you a visit

Assalamualaikum dear :)

Checked my "FAITH" label and figured out that I haven't post one under this label for almost five months ! Ya Allah , have I been wasting the whole year writing useless posts only ? Astaghfirullah . . . T_T

Anyway, enough with jibber jabber and my train of thoughts,  

Girls , have you ever heard of Du'a during Menses ?

Yeaaaaaappppp *with 'pop' sound please*, there's a specific du'a for you when you're on your menses/period/haid or whatever you call your Red Aunty as ... And in this post, I'm going to share one with you dear sisters :) 


*Please take note , I'm not on my menses , so this post has nothing related to my Red Aunty. Hehe . Talking about menses makes me wanna hide my face in the pocket , but lets face the fact , we're all grown up ehemmm *chin up in the air*. Besides , hello .... I'm sharing a du'a  here not something useless.

I learned this du'a a couple of years ago when performing umrah with the family. One of my Mom's friends that joined us taught me , and yes , I found it very useful once I acknowledged the value of this du'a. 
Please read it for more rewards *terms and conditions applied . e.g : if you rarely perform your obligations (prayer, fasting, etc) , then the rewards would be ,,, meh like your ibadah reward.

And treng teng teng !

Here's the du'a (recite it every time Red Aunty visits you on the first day ) , you might need a pen and a piece of paper ... or just download the image and make it as your desktop wallpaper , yeah I know my handwriting is prettaaay .

"Alhamdulillahi 'Alaa Kulli Haalin
Wa Astaghfirullaha Min Kulli Zanmbin"

Translation : Praise to Allah for every single thing & situation , and I seek for forgiveness from Allah for every single sin .

According to Saiyidina Aishah R.A.
(Copied from a book called Durratun Nasihin Wa Fil, zi Wal Jsrar authored by Osman Bin Hasan Ahmad Al Sakiril Khubuwi) ;

"For every women , the reason of menstrual periods is because it is their time to eliminate the sins of the past  and if they read the prayer (given up there) on the first day : Allah had promised the women
  • the ability to escape through the hell fire 
  • and, could cross Titian Siratulmustaqim safely and with ease
  • and, are secured from the punishment of Allah Ta'ala 
  • and, given for her the reward (in every single day and night) in which equal to forty martyrs/syahid.
  • and, the women are taken in remembrance of Allah Almighty for them.

:- in the time of their menstruation."

*This info is translated from the blog: Noramie79 (credits)

I mean , don't you want those ? Allah had promised us and inshaAllah , the rewards are there to be claimed on the Judgement Day . MashaAllah...

And by this, my dearest muslimat friends,
we should realize how fortunate we are . Even in the state of 'unannounced arrival of Red Aunty' , Allah still bestows us with the chances ; to make more rewards/merits/pahala .
Alhamdulillah .

This is the least I can share , may you find this du'a helpful :)

Keep on being fabulous and see you in the next post . With love , Anis . Muahhhh !

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