Sunday, 13 July 2014

the 'destroyed' kurung

It all happened a couple of weeks ago *sobbing hysterically*

If you had been reading this blog since last year , you'll know that I'm fond of sewing beads on my kurung. Most of them had beads sewn.

So weeks ago , while most people were so busy leaving me to scatter at home , I literally found myself snuggling in the wardrobes. #abuseddaughter
My compartment seriously needed urgent help and after minutes of watching , staring and slo-mo scratch , the hideous compartment was eventually transformed into the most organized one . I is no more sad :D I is happy and satisfied. Headbanging .
Okay , not yet the main story of the post .

Thing is , I found this very nice kurung that I haven't wear . Not even once . And heh , like most ladies , the spirit was rocketing . Ye know , that one feeling when you always have nothing to wear , and suddenly you found this very nice top you haven't wear and you modified it a lil bit . Yeah that kind of spark . The I-can-be-a-designer-too smile with jerky eyebrow .
And ergo without thinking or even have the guts to try it on , I just went cray-ze ,

"Oh I still have extra beads from last year . The colour would be perfect !"

I grabbed the sewing kit and beads box, and enthusiastically started the task . Took me few tiring-eyes-almost-popped-out hours before I finished the flowers part only .

The climax of all drama (the one with all squeals and cries obviously) was when I tried the kurung on before drawing some lines to pattern the leaves . Pathetic , or yes , sadly crazy truth , it (the kurung) was waaaay above my knee T_T *squeals and dies*

After all my hard work and sweats , it was a hard pill to swallow .

Immediately gave up and restored the sewing kit and box . Lucky you whoever getting this baju.
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