Tuesday, 17 June 2014

UPSI Tesl interview

The night before UPSI entrance exam :

Right after the disaster I made to my kurung for the interview , I can only cried and squealed and screamed and hiccuped and a few let's-not-mention-them kind of things. Almost angrily , I hung the kurung and stomped to the bed to switch on my laptop , trying to forget about the ruined kurung (I  blamed the iron ; my skills in ironing is unquestionable okay).
Jaw on one of the knees , eyes transfixed to the screen and hands busy Google-ing for "UPSI Tesl interview"
Lists of searched results appeared on the screen but none of them were the exact thing that I was looking for.

"UPSI interview" . I clicked on the title. Hemph . For Biology -_____- .


There were hundreds of tips for UiTM Tesl iv , how come there's none for UPSI ?

Another sigh. 'Let's just hope for the best tomorrow.'  Redha . Keep calm , and carry on .

The Day of the Entrance Exam :

We arrived early. Rushed to the toilet and fifteen minutes later ran like crazy to the Writing hall because it's almost 8 o'clock.
But the invigilator has not yet arrived.








an hour later . . .





We entered the exam hall and took our seat. And I flipped the pages curiously . The questions comprise of grammar , reading and writing.
Grammar (30 q's) Reading (20 q's) and for Writing , you’ll have to write a report. Exactly the same as MUET’s Section A question.

I was sleep deprived , I was hungry , I was angry and I was tired . So people , dont even  ask me how I answered each of the questions.

Since we started late , so we finished late. In my P.O.V , the purposes of interview is to see how do we control our nervousness and if we can speak fluently or not. (I believed that my interviewers are History lecturers because they asked some candidates about History . Thank God I'm all safe and sound, if not , I would only laugh nervously and start acting like a fool -_-)

Yet , I was asked to sing !
For God sake .

As if singing was not embarrassing enough , the interviewer even requested for Let It Go -_- and I was frozen to my spot. I can speak with high pitch but singing (?) haha . Meh of course I'm pro at it too . It's just I dont want you to beg me to sing it again and again. Haha

So I told them "Ah. I'm sorry but I forget the lyrics." (I’ve watched Frozen for more than 5 times , to forget the song was just absurd , yeah I know) . And I chose to to sing All of Me by John Legend. Thank God they liked it … though I was not quite sure if they really liked it but ,,, at least they plastered smiles on their face. Hikhok.

Hemm ,,, Nothing particular about the rest of the interview. They just wanted to see our confidence and bravery.

Oral (Speaking test)
Just because interview was not "oral-ish" enough, we had an individual oral test. Yeah T_T.
However, for oral , the interviewer is an English lecturer , so please people ... mind your language and grammar.

Mine was very sporting , just like the other two during interview session.  He even teased me , asking me a few non-relevant questions but still , quite related to English (meh just a tiny winy bit related to).

“So Anis , introduce yourself , tell me about your hobby or favourite activities and your plans for your future,” with a stern facial expression , he said .
Hemph , such a formal intro that I began to feel nervous. Later on , after I began speaking and telling him bout myself enthusiastically, with a few not so funny jokes , he seemed to be relaxed a bit.
A couple of minutes later , the atmosphere became less tense that we even conversed like a normal lecturer and student with , “Oh God , really ? Are you serious ?!” , “Meh , I don’t know” and “Haha , I was just teasing you , why are you so serious? Haha.” Kind of thing .

Before I realized it , the nervousness and the nauseas just went away and the swooping bats in my knotted stomach had already gone. I asked him questions , and he asked me few more. Well , you could say it went well and smoothly. Just , relax a bit , okay . If you are so nervous-you-can-just-die-on-the-spot , ask for a few seconds for you to breathe or even sing . As for me , I recited Surah Al-Inshirah (Peace of Heart).

 Thirah used to explain to me,

"Whenever you endure hardship, recite Alamnasyrah while understanding the meaning. As you recite , recall the meaning of each of them . Especially at the part where Allah said 'So truly where there is hardship there's also ease , truly where there is hardship, there's also ease.' He even repeated it two times , so have faith in Him."

So sweet of Thirah . I really miss her lecture ;)

So that's it. Hope this post is helping you guys. Well , I went for a few interviews and currently waiting for the results . Let's just keep our fingers crossed and leave the matters to Him because I've tried my best.

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  1. Sounds difficult

  2. So I have to practice my singing?

  3. Replies
    1. you can do it :) . the interviewers were really nice to me last time

  4. going for tesl iv tomorrow. 👆 reading this helps me a lot.

    1. im praying for your success from here :)