Friday, 27 June 2014

Our Tok Ma is definitely something

Was watching Ceria Popstar with our Tok Ma ( I seriously have no idea how many times they had repeated the broadcast).

Dato' AC was singing "Happy" on the stage and the camera sometimes shot her smiling wife.

And Tok Ma was like , "That's her wife , right ?"
My sister shook her head aggressively and quickly denied , "No way . He's married to an actress." .
But Tok Ma was so confident that , "No. I'm sure he married his P.A or manager something like that. And that is definitely HER face. "

And after that , I Googled . OhKay . Peah : 0 , Tok Ma : 1.

Say what . Tok Ma watches MeleTop okay. You can never underestimate her gossip capability sometimes . She just ... knows .
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