Sunday, 6 April 2014

working out

"There are a few things that I really wanna do as soon as the holiday starts."
Yeah . Well then. Ambitious Anis .

One of them is to exercise regularly. Yeah I know I can do that. Meh . It's easy . All you need is great songs to set up the mood. Waaaay too easy. Once you've found the right songs , then the exercise will easily come to you . Everyone knows that, I'm not the only one in this , am I ?

So the plan is , warm up and do some easy steps while watching them from you-tube , and after that , caged myself inside the sauna box. Easy-peasy. While waiting for the trickling sweats to dry , maybe I should just grab a book before taking a shower.
Yeah. Great plan . I know this one will work ! It's too simple .


But when I'm finally home, reality hits me.
Almost every night , before going to bed , " Okay . I'll start tomorrow." But waking up in the morning, I went "Oh my. I'm too dizzy to stretch up. I should relax a bit first. Exercising sounds too extreme."

Grabbing the laptop beside me, and I began to confuse myself with the movies selection. In my case, my world-first-class-dilemma is what-movie-should-I-watch-first or sometimes what-book-should-I-read-first . (Anis's daily dilemma, 2014)
Once I switched on the laptop , the images of me running here and there , making jumping-jacks and breathing heavily seemed to be nowhere .

I tried to console myself by saying it's okay , I should just sit in the sauna box instead (just because exercising is extreme enough). But meh , who am I lying to . That goddamn thing is in the guest room -_- . Like I'm gonna walk there , sit and do nothing for half and hour. I better not waste my time like that !

At the end of the day , I ended up applying the massaging cream only , which at first I thought was a slimming cream (squeaks). Yeah silly me -_- . It was written all over the bottle and I still believed that it's a slimming cream just because of a picture , when it's actually , just a massaging cream. A normal massaging cream .

No wonder my body still look all the same even after a week .

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